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I think i have miscarred but my husband does not want any more kids! Rss

I only found out i was pregnand and am thrilled about ut until i has a routine scan to determine time. They told me they could not hear a heart beat. I was and still am devestated. I have two beautiful childre, and had 3 miscarriages in the past. But this time round my husband does not want anymore children, i am becoming very depressed as i truly would love another child (i always wanted 3 kids) When i miscarred in the past i quickly got over ot as i was determined to beat the obstable and gave my kids, but now i feel like i have reached dead end, oh how i wish this one survived, (my husband accepted this preganacy) I don't know what to do anymore, one minute i am ok, next minute i am at rock bottom

Caroline Springs

Ohhh I'm so sorry about your m/c. Have you had a long hard heart to heart with hubby about how you feel and why he does not want any more. Perhaps have someone watch the little ones why you have it out as it could get heated but make sure you leave nothing uncovered. The reason I say this is I have just had the say talk with hubby after we had a late m/c in March and I thought we were ttc but he was not. Sometimes there is more too it on his side then he is letting on. Although they are big and strong they can also be big softies too.

I hope all goes well and the outcome results in another beautiful bubba

big hugs your way

Ally & Amelia (May 10th, 2006)

I'm so sorry that you have suffered 4 miscarrages. I have to agree with AllyP and say a heart to heart with your DH may be the best way to go. As my counceller said to me when I lost my bub at 15 weeks, Men suffer in silence and find it harder to accept the loss as they feel they had no conection to bub. I thought my DP didn't care to much when we lost our little boy but I was so wrong. After having a long talk with him I found out it affected him as much as it affected me. Even through this pregnancy (concived 10mths after we lost bub) he hasn't been as involved as he was with our other two children as he has been so afrid something is going to go wrong. So have a talk with yor DH and find out what is making him not want anymore pregnancies as it could be a imense fear of lossing another child.
Hope this helps and I hope you get anoter bub soon.
i kinda know how you feel, but i had an abortion because my partner told me that he'd leave me and i didnt think i could bring up our two boys without him.

I feel pregnant about 8mths after the procedure and im currently 33wks pregnant, he has in the last few weeks just come to accept that he'll be a dad again.

I just wish i had the courage to keep the previous bub, and not go throiugh with the procedure as i didnt want to do it to begin with.

I am sorry for your loss and i hope that you and your partner can organise something so that you's aer both happy.

Best wishes

Forever in our hearts....

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