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Lilli Blaxell will be laid to rest today. I have a tribute that will be played at her funeral today. For those not attending but would like to see a part of it. Please have tissues ready!
That was beautiful, I am sitting here in tears. She was a gorgeous baby.

R.I.P Princess Lilli xo

That is beautiful, but was too distressing for me to watch the whole way through, the first 10 seconds were hard enough.
I cant imagine the pain that Racheal, Nathan and big brother Ethan are feeling today...
RIP Sweet Baby Girl
That was so beautifull,
I am so sad sitting here.
She is a gorgeous baby....
I am thinking of Lilli and here family today...
Not intended to distress ppl sorry! We still have a fund open for Lilli if anyone would like to donate.
I've gotten to 2minutes and 37seconds and I just can't watch anymore. I can't see properly through my tears. I see my daughters face. It hurts too much. My face is red and puffy. my cheeks are covered in tears. I want to watch it all, I want to do that, but I can't. It's too painful. It's too sad. It's so wrong. It's heartbreaking and I just can't.
I'm sorry.

Rest in peace sweetheart. You are perfect. You've had an impact on me that I'll never forget.


What a beautiful tribute. I have completely run out of tears!

May she rest in peace in heaven.

What a lovely tribute. I couldn't watch it all either just too sad. I bawl my eyes out everytime i think of her.
My heart is bleeding, for lilli, and more so for her brave big brother, the intense love in his eyes for his baby sister breaks my heart even more.

I have no words, apart from i know the angels are with you princess, mum, dad and big brother, I know there are no words that comfort you, but will say a prayer for you all.

Chantel - what a lovely tribute, i am also in tears. and am lost for words.


That was so intense.!!

R.I.P.. Beautiful Lilli..

My deepest thoughts are with her family today..

That was beautiful.

I really have no words, I'm just so sad for them. My thoughts are with her family today. May Lilli bring them the strength they need to carry on.

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