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That was beautiful. RIP liitle angel.

That is so beautiful and so,so sad.
My ds watched a little bit of it and asked why was I sad? I told him it was because the baby went to heaven he then asked "why did she go to heaven when she was only a baby?" A very real question from a 5 y.o boy...........

What a beautiful little girl..

Gone way too soon..

Love Danielle and Liam xoxo

Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful little girl.

Rip precious angel Lilli
That is a beautiful tribute.

I dont come on here hardly at all anymore so had no idea that someone had lost one of their little angels, I take it you are a close friend or family member, I am sorry for the loss.

My heart goes out to the family.

May god be with you Lilli xx
[Edited on 28/11/2008]

I have a 2 year old now!!

when her big rother was holding her and looking at her tiny hands I had to stop ...wish I had it in me to watch the rest but she is just to beautiful !!
[color=blue][b] Oh boy, that hurt, that hurt alot. What an AWESOME but very sad tribute!!

I burst into tears as soon as I saw the very first slide, the pregnant belly.

You are amazing person for all the things you have done for Lilli and her family.


Seeing her brother with her broke my heart, wondering how he will cope. He looked so at one with her.
I'm gonna burst into tears again. sad Poor little bugger.

You know I never cried until I had a baby, weird what being a parent does to you.

It really hits home how easy we can lose the things we love.
I can't begin to imagine the pain.

THANKYOU so much for bringing her into our lives.

The memory of Lilli will have a special place in my heart forever.

Big hugs to all the family.

RIP Sweet Angel.



A tragic loss, you are all in my prayers. What an amazing tribute. You can see the love radiating out of her big brother, what a sad sad day.

I wasn't going to watch it because I knew how it would affect me but I couldn't help it.

It's just so horribly sad. She was such a beautiful girl.

Those photos with her angel wings just made me cry so much.

RIP beautiful Lilli - I hope all your family manage to find the strength to get through today.

RIP Lilli. Thinking of you Rachael and your family today.

I feel so very, very sad. What a gorgeous little girl.
Oh boy the kids are looking at me funny Im crying my eyes out
That is such a beautiful tribute to a gorgeous little angel Lilli!

May you rest in peace sweet little girl
xoxox Tarryn

I wasn't going to watch this and now that I have I can't stop crying, RIP Lilli, a beautiful tribute.
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