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I shouldnt have watched it til the end but I couldnt help myself. Im sitting here absolutely sobbing. What a beautiful tribute, an amazing job youve done and not just with the slide show. I just feel so devastated, I cant imagine how poor Rachael and her family are feeling. I hope they had the strength to get through today.

Thankyou for sharing.

Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful princess little girl.It bought tears to my eyes ,it's so very sad.

RIP Angel Lilli
that was so beautiful! im sitting here with my DD laying next to me asleep. and its just so sad to think that the beautiful lil girl in those pics is no longer with us!!
i have tears streaming down my face!

rest in peace beautiful baby lilli!! you truly are a princess!

rach and family, i am so sorry for your loss!! i cant imagine how hard it is for you! sending lots of hugs! xxx
all i can ssy is RIp lilly

i wish i was brave enough to watch this.

RIP sweet princess,

forever in our hearts xx
One of the hardest things I've had to do! It took me nearly 2days to do it and mainly because I couldn't see through the tears. I've done my job well if it touches people, makes them truly grateful for what they have today and leaves Lilli's memory with them! Thanks for the compliments.
Today is a very hard day for many especially the Blaxells.

Please don't forget to donate if you can xo
So beautiful.
RIP most perfect Angel-you will be missed.

My thoughts are with Rach and her family today.
That was truely one of the hardest things ive ever had to watch, just because i cant stop thinking how cruel it is to take such a beautiful little girl away from her mummy.

I haven't cried this hard in a long time and i think you did a great job

RIP Lilli, watch over your mummy
A beautiful tribute to a beautiful princess.
May her family find the strength to get through today.
RIP Princess Lilli
I watched this tribute earlier this morning but i could not find the words to say, she was such a beautiful angel. just thinking about it now im trying to hold back tears, she was too beautiful and it makes me cranky that she would be taken away from her much loving family, why do these things happen?
I have a huge lump in my throat that i cant swallow and i cant even imagine how rachel and her poor family are feeling!

But she will spread her wings now and sore with the rest, a beautiful angel watching down upon her family! May You Rest In Peace Princess Lilli you will be sorely missed..xoxoxoxox and never forgotten, you have touched so many haeart's even in those who never got the pleasure in meeting you :*(
RIP little angel xo

I couldn't bring myself to watch it.I got 5 seconds into it and burst into tears.I am sure it is beautiful.

R.I.P Princess Lilli x x x
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