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that was just beautiful.

My heart just breaks for Lilli and her family.

May she R.I.P and her family find the strenght to carry on.


Lost for words.. Very Beatiful.. Can't type for tears.. R.I.P beatiful girl..
That was beautiful, what a gorgeous angel she is.

That was so beautiful. I am just sitting here with tears streming down my face. How on earth does a parent get past this - how does a parent get through the funeral of their child. Oh I so hope the family will be alright. That dear litttle boy so loved his wee sister - it is just so sad that beautiful healthy little girl.
i dont have the words to say what i mean.
It is a beautiful tribute to a tiny little girl.
I am sitting here bawling my eyes out....
Life is so cruel.

Dear Rachel!

I am so sorry to hear of your tragic loss , the tribute for your daughter was just amazing , beautiful , she is a gorgeous little thing.

May god be with you and your family at this time xxx

Connor 18.12.04 , Kaylee 11. 03.08

Holy crap.. I contained fairly well had goose bumps till thos set of angel wings on the last photos... well im a gonner...
its beautiful and moving and totally touched.
nothing can take their pain away but she is such a beautiful baby that will always be with them
Stephanea - I know what you mean about the Santa photos - I just bawled harder when I saw those - it was those and when she was born that really got to me - it's just so sad but such a beautiful tribute at the same time.
A beautiful tribute. I couldn't get through it all, but it was very beautiful and moving.
I don't have any words, I am so heartbroken for Lilli's family.

May she fly with the angels, and keep her family safe.

That was one of the most beautiful tributes I have ever seen.
My 5yo son burst in to tears and kept saying she is just so beautiful. He did not realise that Lilli has become a true angel,unitl I told him. He said that she would be watching over her family from heaven. As you can imagine I my heart strings were being pulled in all directions.

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

I could not watch it i have try a few times but i think i will leave it, you are a very lovely lady to do such a wonderful thing.Thinking of you all at this hard time.xoxo
I managed to watch it earlier, I didn't think I could watch it all but I just couldn't bring myself to close it. I got DF to watch it with me but he has to leave half way because my baby woke up. I was doing ok till she came in and smiled at me. I didn't think I could feel so much hurt for someone I don't even know. I can't imagine how her family is doing. It's a wonderful tribute.

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