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mama moo that's so cute of your boy! What a beautiful soul he is!
Bindy thanks! I understand! I made it and I still find it hard to watch. I cry EVERY time it's hard not to! I heard it was greatly appreciated at the funeral. I feel blessed to have 'known' the family. They're so beautiful and they certaintly don't deserve to go through this.
i watched it half hour ago and i still can't stop crying i am so so so so so sorry for how you are feeling and what you are going through Blaxell family

i watched it half hour ago and i still can't stop crying i am so so so so so sorry for how you are feeling and what you are going through Blaxell family

I hear about this sort of thing happening but I never really want to believe that it could happen to me, or anyone i know. Hearing about the loss of this beautiful baby was hard enough but seeing her face, her gorgeous eyes and the love that her family had for her, makes it too real - i can't even begin to imagine the pain they are feeling.
I am truly sorry for this loss.
It looks from the photo's as though however short her life was, it was filled with smiles, love and happy times. Her beautiful face will be imbedded in my memory, and my heart, forever now.

i know i just wrote, but i just have to say, my heart feels like its breaking right now.
Thinking about Rachael and her family having to say goodbye to their baby girl today, i can't even begin to comprehend how i would be able to say goodbye to my baby.
My heart aches at the injustice of it all.

I can't even stay on huggies tonight. i have nothing left in me to say - im just too sad now.

I am still crying and will be heading off to give my kids lots of kisses before bed.

What a beautiful tribute and so brave of you to have done it for them. I love the last picture of her, how fitting that she showed everyone she was a beautiful Angel on this earth and now up in Heaven.

I cant believe a whole week has passed since Lilli left us.
The tribute was amazing, you done a great job, it wouldn't of been easy.
i haven't been able to look at my own daughters without tears welling up thinking of what poor Rach went through today, No parent should have to bury their own child.

RIP Princess

Thankyou for sharing this beautiful tribute with us!!

I felt like lilli was right here with me while i watched it, there was a lump in my throat to start then tears sliding down my face. She looks like such a happy little girl full of smiles and character. The love that shines through this tribute is just so special!!

Lilli - you have touched my heart, and have had a huge impact on me, i can not stop thinking about you, your mummy, daddy and big brother. My little girl and i let a pink balloon go for you today, we stood there and watched it make its way up to heaven to meet you. May you spread your wings and fly with the angels now, and watch over your mummy, daddy and big brother as they will be missing you sooooo much!!!

Sending all our love to Rach and her family today and everyday!!

RIP Princess Lilli xx

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl. I can't begin to know what Lilli's family is going through but I hold my own daughters a little tighter now. Lilli has made me appreciate just how fragile our children are and how every day with them is precious.
RIP angel.

Tara & the 3 Dudes

Oh my goodness, that was just beautiful. May Lilli rest in peace and may peace be with her mum, dad and big brother.

that was so beautiful. She was a very special girl. May she RIP.

Very touching tribute. one that will never be forgotten. Thoughts are with Lilli's family and cyber hugs all round.

Rachael, 23, joshua 08/10/05

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