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Watching that brought tears to not only my eyes but also to my DFs eyes. We cannot begin to fathom the emotions you must be feeling at the moment. Our hearts go out to you.

Rachel I have also written a poem for you. I hope you like it

Lilli grew her angel wings
as god whispered in her ear

Its time to go please take my hand
there is no need for fear

Tenderly she followed him
Guided by the light

She didnt want to leave her family
She wasnt sure he was right

Rest assured sweet angel girl,
your memory will live on in those that held you dear

And if they close their eyes
They will see you'll always be near

Forever in your hearts
Never far away

Remembering her smile
each and every day

Time will not erase the heartache that you feel
As time goes on the memories will start to help you heal

Rest in peace Sweet angel

Beautiful but i also couldn't watch it! I got to about 1.36 and couldn't see through my tears. I am so so so sorry to that poor family. My heart goes out to them. ****BIG HUGS****
OMG here is how i had to deal with that - i watched it like 6 times i had to until i cried no more - 1st time i was a mess 2nd time not much better 3rd time i got half way 4th & 5th i still had tears but was determined to sit through it til i couldnt cry so yeah 7 times WOW oh so moving just adorable - i feel for the big brother oh so much i think i struggled with that the most -
we have ben trying for No 2 for two years so i was due for a good cry but the circumstances were dreadful - made me appreciate my 3yr old DS - my heart is aching & i will think of that beautiful angel for ever & all the other angesl out there watching over their amazing families.
Thanks for sharing & im sure the blaxwell family will look back & this & appreciate the amazing support fom strangers!
Good work ladies - RIP Lilli.

my boy is 4 n our miricle on the way wink

Such a beautiful tribute for such a beautiful baby girl.

My thoughts are with Rachel & family xxxx

This is a truly wonderful tribute to a gorgeous little girl. Tears are flowing down my face, i did watch it all though.
RIP Lilli, May she rest in peace and look down on everyone who loved you from heaven.
My thoughts are with Lilli's family today.

What a beautiful wee girl, She looked so happy, Im sorry for your loss no words can fill the hole in your world, RIP LILLI,
beautiful video your friend made
She will be the most beautiful angel in heaven.

RIP little Lilli and watch over your beautiful family every day.
RIP sweet angel...
Absolutely amazing memories, thinking of the family and friends so so sorry for their loss. Really hits home watching your beautiful tribute. May you all find strength in your memories of lilli to ease the pain xxxx
BEAUTIFUL tribute and baby, i just watched it the whole way through, i wasnt going to as i have a little one but i got through it, tears, snot and all.
My thoughts go out to the family at this extremely hard time, may you rest in peace princess Lilli

I've had a very big tear permanently in my eye since watching this yesterday. Its moved me so much, i am so sad for Lilli and the whole family. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl.
i knew it was going to be sad but i had to watch, thank goodness i had the tissues ready. that was beautiful.
to the parenrs and brother of baby lilli.
togehter as a family and with the support of friends and family i hope you maanage to get through this time
an angel taken too soon
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