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Glad these threads finally make it too hot topics..
Donate people :=)
R.I.P beautiful angel
what a beautiful tribute (i only saw about 5 seconds) and i swear im in physical pain. My throat is hurting because i want to cry!!

My heart, prayers and well wishes go out to her family and those who knew her. And to all families going through or have been through the same situation.

Im going to make a donation tomorrow- ill be back to tell you I did!!

RIP-beautiful girl-it is clear to this stranger that you were loved.

im so sorry 2 h3ar this sad n3ws but i b3li3v3 sh3 has now gon3 up 2 play with th3 ang3ls in h3av3n may god giv3 u str3nghth x
What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful angel.

<a href="">

What an amazing tribute, Lilli is such a beautiful beautiful little girl.
My thoughts are with Rachael and her family.

what a beautiful lil angel R.I.P watching the video made me cry so much i found out i lost my baby the other day i was 12 weeks pregnant and it had died at 9 weeks im crushed

What a beautiful tribute for a precious little girl.

RIP Lilli.


ive been trying 2 view the video clip but my computer wont let me sad

what happened to the lil princess? it brings tears to my eyes ive got a 4 month old and coudlnt imagine anything like this happening sad

my heart goes out to the parents of this lil angel
oh my, i am sitting here in tears, that was just beautiful, i couldn't watch the whole thing, its just too sad!

again i am sorry for your loss Rachael, it is just heartbreaking and i didn't even know you. its just not fair.

Rest In Peace Lilli

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