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Today the Beautiful Princess Lilli gets her angel wings and is sent to the Heavens Lock Rss

Hi everyone...I just spoke to Racheal breifly and she asked me to please post this link on Huggies, so that everyone could share in her Princess Lilli's funeral today;

May Princess Lilli always remain in our hearts and Rest in Peace. xx

****Don't forget about putting in your donation, any amount makes a huge difference. Go to - Pregnancy and Birth - Loss & Sadness - then you'll see the link ****
neither could i

I just went to the link and its say saying file not found.

She was so very, very special
And was so from the start
You held her in your arms
But mainly in your heart

And like a single drop of rain
That on still waters fall,
Her life did ripples make
And touched the lives of all.

She's gone to play with angels
In heaven up above
So keep your special memories
And treasure. them with love

Although your darling daughter
Was with you just a while
she'll live on in your heart
With a sweet remembered smile

RIP Princess Lilli
Here you go girls:,%20Lilli%20-%20Nov%2008.pdf

you will all need to take the space between the L and the A out, then it should work, well did for me.

I was in tears reading it.

Rest in peace Princess Lilli

Thinking of you and your family today Rach. xxoo

That's a beautiful poem, Kym.

RIP Angel.

Thanks Ro for putting the link up. What a beautiful tribute to a sweet baby girl, I have tears after reading it.

[Edited on 28/11/2008]

I'm bawling. Seriously.

That is soo lovely. Reminds me when I'm feeling tired and frustrated just to take a moment to appreciate what I have.

RIP to a beautiful angel.

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

That is so beautiful.
I have tears running down my face and I believe it will happen many more times today.

RIP Princess Lilli

My thoughts are with your family Rach.
thinking of you today,Rachel and your family.
Deepest sympathies to you all.I really dont know what to say during this sad day
keep strong

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Time has taken me from you,
Although not very far.
I'll be watching through the sunshine
And through the brightest star.

I'll be watching all of you,
From the heavens up above.
So take good care of each other
And carry all my love.

If you're ever wondering
If I'm there, here's where you can start.
Take a look inside yourself
Deep within your heart.

I'll always be your baby,
Your child (grandchild), your best friend.
So anytime you need me,
Close your eyes I'm back again

R.I.P Princess you will be missed xoxox
Rach and family you are in our thoughts and prayers on this very hard day Love Tanya and family...
i am so sorry you have to go through this i was only doing it last month so i know how it feels i am so sorry and my thoughts are with you and your family through this really hard time

Melissa, please tell Rachael we will all be with her today. Be strong but cry if she needs to. We are all thinking of her and her beautiful angel.

Lots of love, Denae, Cohen and Layla
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