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7 Week Scan No Heartbeat Lock Rss

I had a 7 week scan and the doctor could not find a heartbeat. I then had to return 4 days later and still no heartbeat was found. This all happened the week before Christmas and the doctor has said that he would like me to continue on as is as I should have a heavy bleed to miscarry the baby. Is this normal? Or is it just because of the timing with Christmas. And if it is normal, about how long until I do bleed
hi im sorry i dont know the answers to those questions, but i wanted to say im very sorry for your loss.

I am so sorry for your loss.

I went through a similar situation and lost my little ones at 6 weeks and 4 days. I had ultrasound at what was supposed to be 9 weeks and no heartbeat on either baby. They also recommended I come back for another scan and unfortunately they had become smaller and still no heart beat on either.

If you dont feel comfortable speaking to your Obs/Gyn I would recommend speaking to your GP about your options. Some Obs like you to wait and naturally miscarry others will prefer to operate. My obs was really good and told me the pros and cons of both and gave me time to think about it.

It really is a personal choice about whether you wait to miscarry or decide to have an operation.

From personal experience I am glad I had the operation to remove my babies. Whilst it was devastating at the time I personally dont think I could have handled "watching" my body miscarry. On the flip side to this I have struggled with the fact that I still "felt" pregnant even after the operation. Like I said - it really is a personal choice.

There are some good websites about miscarriages I have been to one called which goes on to discuss all different emotions / options etc.

I had my D&C (Dilitition and Currette) on the 24th November and managed to fall pregnant again almost straight away (oops!). Unfortunately my second pregnancy has also been unsuccessful and I am currently waiting to miscarry for the second time - not a nice feeling. FYI - It is common to get pregnant quickly after a D&C and most go on to be successful (I am unfortunately in a high risk group for miscarriages).

If you want to chat feel free to message me direct. I know what you are going through and it is not an easy decision.

Let it be known that you are definitely not alone - the more I read and speak to people the more I realise how common it is (not that this makes you feel any better when you talk about it with people). Make sure you take the time to grieve - it is a loss and just like any grief you will experience so many different emotions.

Here if you need to chat.

Take care
Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. It is great to get some input from someone in a similar situation as none of my family or friends have been here.
I do have a great ob and shall discuss my options with him on the 7th. At this stage I am leaning towards the operation as it is doing my head in having no bleed and still trying to hold hope that everything will be ok (even though I know this not possible)
Will keep you updated
Thanks for your support
So sorry you are going through this.

A heartbeat should definately have been seen at that point.

Big hugs to you for having to go through all this uncertainty.

Sometimes your body just doesnt miscarry on its own. I suffered a loss at 19wks. My baby passed at 18 wks and at 19wks 5 days i was still carrying her with no sign of my body doing it on its own. Which im actually thankful for.

I would be looking into having the surgery sooner rather than later myself. But thats just me.

Sending you lots of strength right now.

I am so sorry that this is happening to you !! is just not fair !!

I have had 4 misscarrages but only one naturally (7 weeks ) ...from my personal experience I have only found out the baby had passed during an ultrasound for me they have been gone for a week or more !! ....I much prefer to have a d&c ...I find loosing them naturally very graffic and disturbing is hard walking into a hospital pregnant and then walking out a few hours later not pregnant ...I always catch myslef thinking I have left something behind ...and that is devistating all over again !!

when I lost the baby naturally ..I had cramping that was pretty bad and then some really heavy bleeding with some clots ...when I went to the hospital it was nearly all over ...maybe a day or two ...but it might be diffrent for everybody I am not to sure !! ....

I had my last misscarrage on the 29th of July and 6 weeks later i found out I was pregnant again ....(oh god !!) I am now carrying a very healthy baby who was concieved weeks after having a d&c !! ...

wishing you all the luck in the world !! is a very raumatic and lonly time isnt it ?? keep talking and give yourself time to get your head around things !!
Hi, Im so sorry for your loss, the same thing has happpened to me. I went to see my specialist on 17th dec 9 weeks pregnant and had a scan to find there was no heartbeat and was told it was an unsuccessful pregnancy. i went back on the 24th dec for another scan just for it to be confirmed. i was asked if i wanted a curette or to miscarry naturally which was the preferred medical option. i chose to miscarry naturally and was sent home to wait. this was the worst cause i just wanted it to be over with. i was told it would be like a normal period only heavier and more painful with clotting. i started to bleed on the 27th dec and am still bleeding over a week later. ive had minimal cramping and a sore and tender stomach and a lot of clotting coming out but its not as bad as i thought it would be. this is my first miscarriage so i didnt know what to expect. it really sucks it took us 10 months to fall pregnant, this was my second pregnancy, we also had a little girl Leah who was stillborn on the 25/11/07.
To answer your question my specialist told me it is normal for a pregnancy to be unsuccessful. he said it can take anywhere up to a few weeks for the body to miscarriage and the uterus to decide it needs to clean itself out it just depends on the person as to how long it takes. this is normal. i could have had a curette if i wanted but there is a risk of infection with this. his advise was to let it happen naturally. after the scan i had a bloodtest and my hormone levels were decreasing and i lost all my preg symptoms.
christmas sucked big time for me too, i hope it happens quickly and painlessly for you too.

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I know what the pain feels like for me and it's the most deverstating feeling I have ever felt unlike you I didn't miscarriage I lost our daughter at 40 weeks gestation she was born on her EDD (18th Sep 08) and the pain is just the worst I had to deliver Ally naturally for the sake of my body and health (we wanted a natural birth in the 1st place anyway) I know lots of people say it that the pain will ease and I'm sure it will so I am not going to say it as that was the most annoying words I could of heard around the time Ally had gone.
So I wish you every bit of love and hope the future brings you happiness
Andrea xxx

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss..... I also had the same situation over easter last year.... I found to be able to miscarry naturally was quite a good thing for me as I was able to grieve for my baby at the same time. I only had 1 day of heavy bleeding and cramping, but did bleed for a couple of weeks all up...... I found that it really helped the grieving process for me anyway.......

Isabel Kate 04/03/09 7lb 9oz

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I was in a similar situation as well. I have blood tests too 48 hrs apart to check my hormone levels.

My Ob recommended having the D&C ASAP as it makes things a bit more final, and I was happy to go ahead with the op. I didn't really want to have to go home and wait to miscarry. Everyone's differnet though. After the D&C I bled for about 10 days.

Good luck.


i completely sypathise with you, i had a curette yesterday, after an 8 weeks scan on wed showed that my baby had no heart beat.

i had the choice to go naturally but after talking with my GP about the risk of infection and the pain and possible complications to due clots getting stuck on the way out,
we decided to go with the surgery.

i was so scared but the surgical staff were amazing, the prodcedure took 12 mins, and i woke up with only slight abdominal pins, it has now been 24hrs and ive only had to take panadol for aching legs, and inti-inflamm's for my uterus, ive had only a slight bit of period pain and no bleeding at all.

ive spoken to the hosp and they have said that this can be common, and there pleased with pleased with my progress.

personaly i feel this was the best step for me, its over, ive delt with it, and i believe this has happened for a reason, i could'nt even consider going home and feeling un-well waiting to loose my baby, whilst taking care of my family.

we have a daughter who is 12yrs, a son who is 3yrs.

we wernt going to have any more children but faced with the news we were expecting,we embraced it and became attached and excited very quickly.

we have not let this experience bring us down, we have decided now when my body is back to normal that we are going to try for another, so im focusing on that now,for the sake of myself and my family.

what ever you decide i wish you all the best.

regards Kelly

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes and thoughts. This has definitely been a very trying time. After returning for a check up with the doctor last Wednesday he performed a currette last Thursday. I have had some bad period like cramping but only spotting since then. I feel this was the best decision for both of us as now mentally and emotionally I realise that we can now move on. Hubby was absolutely fantastic and I think he secretly liked that over the last few days I have been a bit needy and touchy feely (as this is not normally me, he is the tender soft one) He is already looking forward as we have 2 frozen eggs left from the ivf cycle and at least we got pregnant this time. I am not quite thinking this way yet, but will be there soon
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