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HELP!! Bleeding and possible loss. Lock Rss

Hi all, let me start by saying whats been happening to me the last few days.

Moday morning I woke up to a bit of blood after I went to the loo. So DH and I went up to the hospital to get it checked out, it took a while to bee seen, and the Dr didn't really do much, so he sent me home saying he can't tell where it's coming from or if we could even see it on an ultrasound (I'm only 6 weeks)So I went home. It still hadn't stopped 24 hours later so we were back up at the hospital on tuesday, I hadn't had any cramps or pains, no tissue or clots passed either.
They did an internal, told me my cervix is tight and closed and that I was bleeding from my uterus. They told me it's most likely just spotting.

When we got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon, the blood had turned brown (It had been bright red) and had almost stopped! But then just before I went to bed the red blood was back again.
So now today the red blood is still coming out, i've passed four really tiny clots, smaller than pea size. I am having very, very, mild cramping, but i'm not sure if I'm just tense or not. The flow isn't heavy, I have been wearing a pad and it's only made it to the pad once. I check it regularly and the flow isn't seeming to change, I think I would have lost less than a cup since monday morning.

I have an ultrasound on Friday, but i'm so confused, I don't know what to think or hope for.

DH and I just wanted another baby so badly and we don't want to hope that it's just spotting incase we get yet another dissapointment.
I just don't know what to do. I'm completely devastated.

I'm so sorry for what you're going through, I have my fingers xd that everything works out fine.

Cant really help with the bleeding, it could be the start of a m/c or just normal spotting. With my m/c I had no bleeding/spotting we just found out our baby had died at our 13 week scan.

A m/c is devistating so I hope you dont have to go through one, try and keep positive.

Best of luck

*fingers toes eyes and legs crossed*

your scan is tomorrow and i hope with all my heart that everything is perfect and as it should be
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