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Its just not fair!! Lock Rss


I was on here about 10 months ago, when i lost my little boy at 22 weeks. I then came on again when me and my hubby were thinkin about trying again...well, we tried and it worked in December last due date turned out to be only 10 days different to my little man's, which was really hard....unfortunately, right now i should be 17 weeks, but i found out at a scan at nearly 14 weeks that there was no heartbeat...hadn't been for about a was like dejavu all over again....the difference this time was that i didn't have to be induced but had a D & C on the 17th was horrible, i spent the entire day in hospital, got discharged at 4, then ended up back in emergency at 5, and it turns out i shouldn't of even been discharged cause i'd lost too much blood, over and my hubby have decided against tryin again...we already have 3 beautiful kids, so we're just gonna be satisfied with that.....the thing is, i found out today that my older sister, who already has two kids, and also just got engaged to a wonderful guy, is pregnant....but she's decided to get rid of it...cause she's "not ready"...its just not fair...i mean, i really wanted a baby and have now lost 2 in 10 months, and she doesn't even want one, and she falls easily!! really sucks, and i'm tryin not be angry with her but i can't help it....i don't know how to deal with it all....sad

First of all i just wanted to say GBH's to you and your family.

I suppose if i was in your situation i would be quite angry, sad, shocked, and dissapointed. But at the end of the day you just cant control what people think or feel.

i know i said i wasnt ready when i got pregnant with my partner (im currently 26 weeks) but then something you never know what can happen! hoep that helps you a little...

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