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Never actually thought Id be in this situation Lock Rss

Hi all,

Big time user of this site and always looked at this forum and my heart ached for all the babies that were lost. I myself never thought that Id be in the same siutation.

I had my handsome little man ethan William on Wednesday morning 17/11 at 5:12am - unfortunately he was born at 25 weeks gestation - no known reason for the on set of labour at this stage. He cried when he was born and we were told that this was a good sign but not to get our hopes up. He was flown to a hospital with better facilites for this kind of thing. All of wednesday he was looking great - like our little guy.

Thursday our little man left us and is now resting. I dont know how to feel, what to say, what to think.

I feel so cheated and angry at the moment. I mean Im terribly upset but also terribly angry at the situation. I dont understand what I or any of you have done for that matter to deserve such a cruel decision. He was our son and we werent ready to 1. meet him and then 2. let him go.

How do you recover from something like this? I guess all of these questions arent exactly something that is easy to answer but just wanted to get it off my chest.

Thanks for the ear


I am so sorry to read of your sudden loss of Ethan.

My condolences to you both & your families.

No words I can say will make it better, wish they could. Just know that whatever you're feeling is perfectly fine & normal. Do not be hard on yourself or your partner, take time to grieve in whatever form that takes.

Don't try to be strong for the sake of other around you.

I'm so sorry hun. Big hugs, thinking of you. xxx
My thoughts are with you - I'm so sorry. It's a terrible loss, and you will grieve for a long time and never forget your little man. When I lost a baby a little earlier than you I knew that the when the due date came I would be devastated all over again. FOrtunately I was just pregnant again by then and that helped so much. Our close friends lost their first child (a little girl) last year and have just had a healthy little girl recently and they are smiling again. There is no consolation at this stage, just pain, but we were made to gradually recover and move on and so you will in time. Just cry many tears now, and know many thoughts are with you. xo
Hi hun im so sorry for the loss of your son ethan.. ((((GBH))))
I have never suffured from a loss of my own, but i was with my best friend when she gave birth to her baby boy noah who was born still at 40+2 weeks iv seen her go through the hardest and mot painful time of her life. Let me tell you there is light at the end of of that dark tunnel. its taken her 2 months to even smile again.
My thoughts are with you and your family..

How do you recover from this??? Have friends and family around you, talk about ethan when you want to, or even talk to him.. Don't be hard on yourself or your partner.
You will smile again hun it takes just takes time.. xx
I am SOOO sorry to hear of your loss. Oh my, to actually have met your little baby. To hear his cry and see his little face. Then to have to say goodbye. Oh it breaks my heart. What a time you had to go through. I am So sorry for you. Big hugs!

I just had two miscarriages in a row. Lost my 2nd one a few days ago. I'm deeply grieving that loss and all the hope of our unborn baby. I was 12.5 weeks. This one was so much harder than my first one (I was 8.5 weeks along). I cannot imagine losing one any further along. I know I'm not helping any. I too am grieving. I try to be strong but then I have times when I just want to go and hide and cry. Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them. I certainly never did. I had two normal healthy kid the first two times around. I was blessed to be one of those mom's who didn't have trouble having kids. Now I've just lost two. I have quite a few friends who had two kids, then had a miscarriage, then had a succesful fourth pregnancy. I was just so SURE this pregnancy was going to take. Now I am left empty again. And feeling hopeless. How my heart aches for my lost baby.

I think the only way through these kinds of things is to allow ourselves time to grieve. And keep breathing. It just hurts to much to do anything else.

Mom of two beautiful little girls

I am so so sorry for your loss, it is just not the way these things are supposed to turn out. I have just recently lost a baby due to an ectopic pregnancy and although it was much earlier on than your wee man I know how hard it is to experience loss. Recovery will take its own form and timeframe and you just really have to go with the process -its all very individual. Having time to grieve and acknowldege your feelings is really important. Time wont change what has happened but time does heal.
I hope that you find inner strength to get through this time and have lots of supportive people to turn too if you need.

My sister wrote me a song when I lost my baby and one line of it is "and I care and I know its not fair letting go" and it does feel very unfair at times.

My thoughts are with you xx
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