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Pregnancy after losses Lock Rss

Hi, a bit about me - I am 34 and have had two chemical pregnancies. Lost the first one at 4wks3days on the 3rd dec 2010, and lost the second at 4wks2days on the 3rd March this year. Both were after blazing BFP's and confirmed with blood tests.

Have not expected to fall this month (second cycle after m/c) as I have been working physically hard painting windows, up and down ladders and scaffolds etc etc.

Did only a half day of work today and since lovely weather decided to come home (DH did the same) to paint more windows.

Since I'm 9DPO today, I thought on the off chance I was UTD I'd do a test, rather than breathe in the sanded paint as sanding was supposed to be my job.

Well low and behold, with fairly diluted afternoon pee, I got a faint pink line!!!

My question is, do you think it is strange that I am not in the slightest excited, more scared than anything. I have decided to take it easy and not do anything physical, but I am now on a 7 day countdown till WHEN I will lose my pregnancy.

Does this seem odd, and does anyone else think this way, or has in the past???

Thanks for reading...
I am sorry for your losses.....

Congratulations on your pregnancy - all I can say is, try and keep positive and don't think that you will lose it...just be as positive as you can. I know it's easier said than done after the emotional (and physical)trauma of miscarriage. And look after yourself as much as you can and give yourself plenty of TLC. If you stress it won't help! I had a m/c 2 months ago at was so hard and I know I will be scared as hell when I am eventually pregnant again - at least until I get to those magic 12 weeks!

I wish you all the best for a sticky pregnancy. smile

Yes i totally understand, and you are very normal smile Its a coping mechegnism. I didnt get too excited till i was 20 weeks with my second and third.

Take it easy and fingers crossed hun!

Im sorry to hear about your losses.

I think if you try and stay positive and make sure you really look after yourself, eat healthy and just relax you will be fine.

Last week we were told that we had, had a miscarriage at 5 weeks, anyways i was still getting all the pregnancy symptoms so my doctor sent me off for another ultrasound and we have just found out were 6 weeks pregnant but im too scared to get excited because of the scare we had last week.

Fingers crossed for the both of us and lets hope they are both sticky babies!!

Good luck and leave the sanding to your hubby!! xx
hi there!

Congrats on your BFP! =)

I think your feelings are completely normal. I had 2 miscarriages last year, the first one was 21st July and i was just over 5 weeks, the second was 4th Dec and i was just under 5 weeks. Doc told us to wait a cycle before ttc again and we fell pregnant in January (got an early cycle in dec, wasnt due til early jan). I'm now 18 weeks pregnant and still terrified that something is going to go wrong, but so far all good. I cant wait til next tues when we have our 19w u/s so i can see bubs again and know its all ok!

Good luck with the pregnancy and i hope you can breathe a big sigh of relief when you bypass your other miscarriage dates and have a very healthy pregnancy! =)
Hun that is completely normal!
I have had 2 mc and 1 chemical pregnancy the chemical pregnancy was also in March.

We were supposed to be skipping TTC this month but havnt been that careful, i cnt help hoping like hell that i am pregnant but at the same time hoping im not!

I try and be positive each time but have to admit deep down im just waiting for the signs of mc to start. Its a horrible feeling and one i hope you miss this month!!

I also had a mc at 8 weeks before DS was born and i found with my pregnancy with DS i tried to always have something positive to look forward too, be it a doc apt, a function, a meeting with friends and would just try really hard to think of that date as the only thing comign up, so that i didnt always think im so many weeks and so many days pregnant because it used to drive me insane and make it soo much slower.
Maybe book a doc apt for 5 weeks and focus on that as the next date you need to think about and before you know it you'll be past 4 weeks 3 days and ready for the next 36 smile
Best of luck and sticky vibes for you!

Hi, My names Michelle I have just joined this forum, reading your post I thought I might share- I have had 3xmc's, a complete molar, and in Dec'10 lost my baby during labour, and am now 3mths preg, making this my 5th preg, and completely understand your feelings. With my last pregnancy I wouldn't/ couldn't let my self be happy or excited till after 5mths, even then it all went wrong .With this preg I have decided to make the most of everyday, even though some days Im numb, excited, scared, everything under the sun. It's fine to feel anything you want!Bubs wont hold it against you (I wish you the best for a sticky bubs)
I had a normal healthy two year old and my second daughter was stillborn at 41 weeks due to an umbilical cord accident, I was the 0.15% of people who lose their baby from the umbilical cord cutting off supply off blood. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and although I know that everything is fine and the chances of it happening again are so rare, I still panic everyday that I have lost this baby. I admire the strangth of any woman that decides to try again after the loss of a baby, this is almost as hard as losing my daughter in the first place.

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