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Hello everyone, hope everyone is okay.

I had a m/c in April and now trying for another pregnancy with much emotion/worry.

Who has had a successful pregnancy after early m/c and how long did it take you, how did u feel ect?

Thanks xo

Hey sorry to hear about your mc. I too had an early mc in dec 08 went on to fall pregnant again by oct 09. My baby is about to be one!! Of course I was worried with my second pregnancy but i think every pregnant woman worries from time to time - think its the mum gene kicking in! I did take my body some time to recover and get a normal period again - but once that was all good took me about six months to fall again. Though every one is different! Best of luck to you.
i m/c last year in january at 11+5 weeks, i fell preg again in may and now have a 5 month old baby. we had the same sort of issues that caused me to mc last year (had perigestational heamatomas) this last preg they were smaller and were absorbed by my body last time they were really large and dislodged which caused the mc.
good luck

Hi hun!Sorry for your loss sad I lost twins in april at 11 weeks. I am on cycle 2 of trying now. It depends on how far along you are when you MC as the further along you are the longer it takes for your body to recover. As for the emotions. For me i am very excited about trying again even though i don't know which will upset me more a BFN or a BFP. I know i will be very on edge. I dealt with the MC thing rather well i must say. I had my moments where i put on a brave face and told everyone i was doing fine when really i wasn't. But i know what happened happened for a reason. So when i fall pregnant again although i am going to be nervous and worried about every single twitch and ache and pain, i will be excited. I am going to try to not let worry put a wet blanket on the experience.
So sorry for your loss!

I had a missed m/c last March, baby died at 8 weeks and i had to have a D&C. This was first pregnancy and was totally unaware anything was wrong until 12 week u/s.
I was devestated and very emotional, some days i was totally fine and could talk about it but other days i was a mess. Only around my DH tho, i never cried or seemed upset around anyone else (that is just me tho).

we tried to fall pregnant again about 6 weeks after D&C ( as advised my doc) and each month i got my period and i was a mess leading up to my period and during it. I may have had depression but was never diagonsed but i had my DH there for me and he was wonderful.

It took us 8 months after the m/c to fall pregnant again- i have irregular cycles so it seems we may have not been doing it at the right time- its actually harder to fall pregnant than you think! I ended up charting my temps for 2 months and the 2nd month is when i fell.

I am now nearly 29 weeks pregnant!!!!

Good luck! You will fall again- if youve done it once, it will happen again xx
I'm so sorry for your loss, I had a miscarraige very early on, next time we tried, first time and got twins! Good luck, and don't be discouraged!

Hope all works out for you!!

I have had 2 m/c's interestingly-

The first in December 05 and then we had DS1 in December 06

The second m/c in October 08 and then we had DS2 in October 09

I was nervous after the first m/c but then as the pregnancy progressed it seemed to just fade away with the growing excitement. I remember being anxious leading up to our first scan which we had at 8weeks but there was a strong heartbeat and they really helped me relax.

I didnt have a D & C and we started trying straight away.

Not sure if this is applicable to you but one of the doctors told me after my first m/c that if you had been on the pill and fell pregnant within 3 months of coming of it - then that increases your risk of m/c. And thats what I had done. Having said that I have no evidence to back that up (havent looked)

Anyway sorry for the waffle - but I do wish you all the best and hope you have your sticky BFP soon.

Im sorry its not me personally but my sis had a miscarriage at 8-9 weeks and then fell preg again 3 months later. My best friend had an ectopic and fell preg about 9 months later. Good luck to you, try to be positive x
I have had experience with a late misscarriage, I found out at 20 weeks that my baby had been dead for 3 weeks sad , so I was induced and gave birth due to the size of the baby. A week later I had a D&C too.

I was told that I dont ovulate and can not fall pregnant naturally so I was devestated to lose my miracle baby and was told that it was a spontanious ovulation and it wouldnt happen again. So I found a full time job and vowed to get on with my life.

A few weeks after starting work I was starting to get queesy at work and put two and two together- I was pregnant again! I had had 1 period between pregnancies!

I was a mess during my pregnancy because I was terrified that I would lose the baby and I was still dealing with the loss of the first one. Every pain was worrying and I was constantly having to tell myself to relax and go with it. My DD wriggled alot so that was comforting.

She is now almost 10 years old and has a sister 7yrs and a brother 2 yrs. So if I can do it anyone can. It takes patience and perserverance -My DS was 2 yrs in the making- but at the end of the day it is worth it! Good luck.
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Hello everyone, hope everyone is okay.

I had a m/c in April and now trying for another pregnancy with much emotion/worry.

Who has had a successful pregnancy after early m/c and how long did it take you, how did u feel ect?

Thanks xo

Hello i have had 2 m/c in the last year my husband and myself have been trying for the last 4 months and now i am nearly 6 weeks pregnant and hoping that this one stays put. this is our last try as it is to draining on us both all the best xo
Thanks to all you lovely ladies,

I have to keep reminding myself that it will happen for me, its just going to take time.

Congrats to all those with positive stories, and good luck to all those who are still trying.
No matter how early or late a m/c it still hurts and we'll never forget the baby we lost.


Hi Hun,

I'm so sorry for your loss sad, I miss carried on June 10th 2010 at 5w4d found out that I was pregnant on the tuesday and by the frriday I had to say good by to the little one, it was such a roller coater of events.
I O'd two weeks later and conceived again, I spent the next 4-5 months worried that I could loose that little one too and just when i started to relax we had a scare. i ended up receiving councelling for the anxiety.
My beautiful little boy is now 14weeks old and a delight.

I wish you all the best and if you ever need a chat PM me smile
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