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Successes after m/c Lock Rss

Hello everyone, hope everyone is okay.

I had a m/c in April and now trying for another pregnancy with much emotion/worry.

Who has had a successful pregnancy after early m/c and how long did it take you, how did u feel ect?

Thanks xo
first of all, condolences on your loss!!!

I have suffered two miscarriages, and was told that I could NEVER even have children, after having two ovarian operations after having ovarian tumours. (they removed one ovary, and burnt a good part of my uterus to remove the rest that resulted in scarring) My left ovary is not in good health!

After resigning myself that I "would never have children" I "did the deed" with a long time friend and yes....I FELL PREGNANT!!!

To be 100% honest, when I was told I was a bit upset, as though i wanted to have children if I had known I could get pregnant I would have used some form of contraception...... I DID NOT WANT TO GO THROUGH THE PAIN OF ANOTHER MISCARRIAGE!
I was excited but was also VERY ANXIOUS that something would bad would happen again!

At 10 weeks, I started to bleed, and was told I was having a miscarriage for the THIRD time. I felt GUILTY, as I thought that all the stress of "worrying" had brought it on.

However, I made a pact with myself that I would fight for my baby and had this really strange feeling that "this time was MY time" to have a baby! I refused to take the pills the nurse gave me that would help any infection I may get as a result of a miscarriage, but that would have defintely ended any pregnancy.

To make a long story short (LOL) my now nearly 6 month old son, gave me the honour of having a VERY HIGH RISK PREGNANCY!!!! Every two weeks from 10 weeks into the pregnancy I was in hospital with him trying to make his way into the world! The little tacker didnt want to wait!

When he was finally born, he took only 20 minutes (yes from waters breaking to birth!) and I had to go to the labour ward in an ambulance as I thought I was going to have him on my lounge room floor!

looking back, i have NO regrets now about going through all the trauma of a high risk pregnancy, and going through all the stress because seeing his smile is well worth it.
Hi Sorry to hear about your loss. I had a miscarrage at 9wks after 3 1/2 years of trying. I am now 10wks preg and all is going well. It was a scarry first 9 wks though. I think the best thing we did was to name the baby we lost. That made it easier to talk about and helped with the healing. Everyone felt more connected and didn't have to mention the miscarage they could just talk about Sam instead.
Hi There,

So sorry to hear for you and your partners loss.

Jan 2010, I had a miscarriage and lost bubs at 9 weeks, and my thoughts afterwards was that I wanted a child more then ever and wanted to start straight away, it took for me to stop obsessing over becoming pregnant and just enjoy love making with my partner to fall again.
May 2010 while I was pregnant, I fell pregnant (very rare) so I had one in the uterus and one in the fallopian tube and they were of different gestational ages. Devastatingly we lost both in July 2010 to miscarriage ( 10 and 4 weeks) this time was more awful as I was in hospital for over a week and had the contractions of labour and had to give "birth" to the two little ones we will never get to hold.

In December 2010 we found out we were pregnant again every day the fear of losing this child started to control us but we had very understanding doctors that allowed us each fortnight to have a HCG blood test to make sure all was progressing well up until the 14th week.

We are now in week 30 and expecting our first son in September. And let me tell you the worrying feeling never stops, you just enjoy each day you get.

Best of luck to the both of you remember to live, laugh and love.

Hello everyone, hope everyone is okay.

I had a m/c in April and now trying for another pregnancy with much emotion/worry.

Who has had a successful pregnancy after early m/c and how long did it take you, how did u feel ect?

Thanks xo

sorry for your loss, my DF and I had found an ectopic pregnancy at 11 weeks on our anniversary, and i almost lost my life aswell, but 3 months later after a huge emotional rollercoaster we fell pregnant with our daughter whos now 6 months, not bad for someone with one tube now lol
try not toworry too much and if you do, youve got alot of women here who know how your feeling and can help to ease your mind
All the best xx
I thought I'd share my story. I haven't talked much about my m/c and can't tell anyone about what I'm experiencing now.

I already have a beautiful 13 month old son and been trying to concieve again since he was 6 months old. I m/c in may(2011). I was only 5w5d but the loss I felt was still unbearable. My GP said we could try again straight away and not wait for my period to return. Much to my surprise I'm pregnant again (i estimate about 4w2d) My hubby and I only had sex once (once for the entire month actually as I didn't feel like it after m/c) the day before I ovulated, so I guess it's meant to be. In extremely nervous, checking for bleeding all the time, worrying about and cramp/twinge as I could handle two
M/c in a row. Hopefully everything will be fine and I'll keep you updated on my progress smile loving this baby so much already, hoping he/she sticks this time smile

Good luck to anyone TTC again after your m/c, it's very nerve racking but please think positively smile
Sorry posted twice for some reason, just deleted the second post.
Hi everyone,

I have one beautiful 4 year old followed by 5 mc. There is apparently nothing wrong with me!! I had a d&c on 7/3 and my cycle became normal starting early July, however my preg symptoms don't feel as intense since my d&c, did anyone else have this? I've started having acupuncture about 3 months ago so fingers crossed! Sticky buns to us all
I had one in Aug 10 and preg in Sep 10. I was scared to mc again, but my doc said 1 in 4 pregs end in early mc, which means 3 of 4 don't mc! He did early hcg monitoring and early u/s to give me peace of mind. He said once you see heartbeat at 6 wks chance of mc is very low.

It's hard, but remember that a huge percentage of women will have at least one mc in their childbearing years and most go on to have healthy babies. Baby dust to you.

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