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Not sure if i am having a miscarrige or not? Lock Rss


I know this may sound silly but I am not sure if I am having a miscarriage or not. I just had a baby about 2 and a half months ago and I had to have stitches after having her so I didn't have sex with my partner until about 7 weeks later. I had the implanon put in a couple week after we started having sex again which was about 8th August but we used condoms when I didn't have the implanon in. The only time we had it unprotected was a week after having the implanon put in my arm so around the 16th August.

Anyway in the last couple of days I have had severe back pain, I usually get bad cramps in my back when I am on my period, but this time it hurts so much! I take two nurofens and I can still feel the pain just as much, I have a very heavy flow and yesterday and today I had thick, dark red/pink tissue, blood clot kinda thing on my pad. Is it a miscarriage or could it still be the placenta expelling it self from me or is it some side affects from the implanon?

Has this happened to any one else before?


Thank you

P.S. Sorry for TMI
ummm have you done a pregnancy test to know if you pregnant? could be the implanon working? sorry if you really worried go to doctor, they be able to help you smile
Hi there

After the birth of my first baby my first period was horrible! It was very heavy, painful and I did have a small amout of what they call retained product. The retained product came out similar to what you have described I was horrified when I saw it! Maybe take a pregnancy test just to check though.
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