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Pregnant again straight after miscarriage Rss

Hi all, congrats to those that are pregnant again after your lose. I didnt have a miscarriage but had an ectopic pregnancy found in my first scan at 13 weeks. When we asked when would could start trying again they told us as soon as I had my first regular cycle after surgery. That happened end of Sept 2011. Middle of Novemeber much to our suprise we found out we were expecting again. I'm now eight weeks and had two scans and all looks well. There is always going to be negative feedback out there but just focus on the positive and your own bodies needs. Best of luck!

Just writing to see if anyone out there fell pregnant immediatley after their miscarriage without having a cycle first. Just a little paranoid ive done the wrong thing and its going to end in disaster. Been searching the internet for positive stories but cant find any. Should i prepare myself for the worst?

Hey,I had Miscarrage on 8.11.2011 .11wks .I had curguette. Had keep close eye on my hormone. Levels by blood tests thankfully all normal . Dr said me & my partner can try again. Asap due to my age. So I'm doing we can.

Good luck
I'm so glad I found this thread too. I am looking for anyone in a similar situation (sounds like some of you have been / are!).
I naturally miscarried our wedding night baby on July 10 at 8.5 weeks. We found out the embyro had stopped growing at 5. Bled for 9 days, began having unprotected intercourse on the 10th day every couple of days....
Now 4.5 weeks post miscarriage I have:
SORE boobs and very tender nipples
Increased frequency of urination
I did a home test this morning and it was negative, although I had been up 3 x during the night to pee, the last being 2 hours earlier. I had previously gotten a negative pregnancy test about a week before, so I know my levels were back to zero post miscarriage.
I went to the doctor on Thursday for a pap smear and my temp was 37.5 so she thought maybe I had an infection and took a urine sample (results Monday).
I am convinced I am pregnant. Just wondering if it might be too early to see a positive test yet? I started having symptoms 2-3 days post previous conception and over the course of our two week honeymoon before I tested. I feel exactly the same as I do now!
Thanks for any advice / opinions..... and congratualations to all the mums to be!


sorry for ur loss. I had a mc back in may and a few weeks later I had the same symptoms and then about 5 weeks after I finally got a positive test. I am now 12 weeks pregnant so it could def be possible!!

good luck with everything and let us know
I will. Thank you, and congratulations!


I did a pregnancy test this morning and got a VERY faint positive! So my levels MUSt be going up. Will test again on Friday and hope for a BFP!!!


oh man that is so exciting! I did a test everyday til it was certain but yay!!!
Yes very exciting! I've had two clear positives now....but yesterday started having brown discharge. I have had bloods this morning and will get more on Monday but god I'm worried.....I was due for my period yesterday so I'm just hoping its implantation bleeding. ;(


u will def know more on Monday! =) fingers crossed
Hello there. Hope you are good. I am so glad to hear about your good news. I am sure now you are feeling a bit scared. Look; it’s totally natural. This happens as you just had a bad news. This is nothing less than magic, to be honest. Just be thankful to God. Keep consulting doctors on daily basis. Be very cautious. Do not do anything wrong. All the best. Clair ..
Hi Skubala

What medication did you take for helping the ovulation?
I am 9 weeks pregnant, but the baby stopped at 6 months sad
Today i'm taking medicine for the migration...
I don't know if i should take acid folic, Profecund or Profertil or something to help me get pregnant again..

Thank you
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