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Quick response needed pls Lock Rss

Sadly today i am saying goodbye to a very dear friend who has lost her battle with cancer and has hours or days left.

Do I take anything to the hospice for her, sorry not had to do anything like this before sad
i am so sorry that you are having to do this today - or any day.

What i have found to be nice is to take a photo album & talk about the 'old' days... laugh & talk thro the stories that you remember.. i know sometimes the person isnt lucid enough to respond, but they can still hear you & it's nicer to remember the good times than the bad ones

Sending big hugs your way. take care
Thank you for your kind words and help ladies

Today is going to be the hardest day of my life. Can't begin to imagine how the 3 children and family will cope without the person who holds it all together

Hey there

I am so sorry to hear of your sorrow. I too, lost my mother 4yrs to cancer and it was the most devasting time of my life.

I made a scrapbook up of all the good times we had as a family and took it to the hospital, and each time I went we would look through it and laugh.

Thinking of you.x
This is probably too late (I now realised the OP was yesterday) but it can be nice to take some nice handcream with a nice fragrance for a hand/foot rub. Like the ideas of good time photos too.
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