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Do you buy or did you receive a gift after a D&C? Lock Rss

Or another place is Yasminah's Gift Of Hope

Where you can buy a support pack
Unique hand decorated Gift Of Hope Journal
A beautiful butterfly Bookmark
A pen, so they can begin writing in their journal as soon as they receive it
We also include a hand knitted item that is kindly donated from the community, either a blanket, bootie or beanie
A single candle to light on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day October 15th
A beautiful single white wooden rose supplied by Eternal Memory Wooden Flowers
I got lots of flowers when I lost my bubs at 17 weeks. I personally loved them.. It was nice to have something beautiful to look at when it's hard to find beauty in the world.. It was also a physical reminder of how much ppl were thinking of us.. Everyone us different, I guess you just do what you think is best
i didnt have a D&C i had a natural miscarraige but my DP bought me a gold ring and we had 'Jellybean' engraved in it as thats what we were calling the baby. i guess thats more a present from a partner but i had a few friends send me flowers as did my boss and it was nice to wake up in the morning to see fresh colourful vibrant flowers i feel it did help make me feel at ease.
A friend of mine is involved with the 'Bears of Hope' foundation. She sent me one recently after my 2nd miscarriage. Such a lovely idea and the website has lots of ideas about how you can support someone going through this.
Afetr my 3rd miscarraige, the hospital gave us a teddy bear from Bears of Hope. I read the tag everyday (Nearly 2 years ago) and think about the little girls whos names are on the card. Perhaps, get in touch with them and make a donation in your Auntys name.
I did a big grocery shop for a girlfriend who lost a baby full term as she wasnt up to facing anyone - including toothbrushes, toilet paper as well as food. She said that it helped because she was able to ease her way back into "normal" life.
My thoughts are with your Aunty.

Fiona, NSW

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