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conceiving after misscarriage Lock Rss

can someone help, ive just lost my "majic bean" after a ivf frozen transfer, it was the last one and we cant afford another cycle , my question is... after misscarriage are you more fertile? we need ivf as hubby has low count and mobility.. any ideas, etc are most welcome.
Firstly sorry to hear you're ivf attempt was unsuccessful, misscarying would be horrible. I have heard its not a cheap process thanks to medicare for outing a cap on it.

I haven't heard that you can be more fertile after a miscarriage, but its a positive sign that you can fall pregnant. I have a very close friend of mine had the same issue with her hubby and a fertility doctor got her pregnant by prescribing fertility tablets. Not sure what its called but she still had to do the bloodtest to get the right ovulation day . This was about $50 heaps cheaper and it worked.

As hard as it may be for you both, hang in there, knowing the cause of infertility is a positive thing and can be treated easier than an unexplained infertility. Good luck.

Thanks pairs, for your kind words. I need to go to the doctors today, so ill ask.
80 % of out of pocket expenses should be just that...
so even when you have reached the medicare safety net for a frozen embroy transfer is like 35% on adverage. this cap also is on pregnancy related services such as ultrasounds, obstutricans,midwives and a lot of twin pregnancy services.
Sorry you are going through this........

You are in fact more fertile after a miscarriage but if it's your hubby who has low sperm count and mobility, the miscarriage won't improve HIS fertility- it may just improve yours.
thanks Rosie, anything that helps. it wont improve his side, but if it gives it a little help all is good. wink
Hello Everyone i am Sheri from Houston Tx,i am on here to share my testimony,so that people who are hopeless can gain from it,when i was 19 i had a boyfriend,3 months after we met i got pregnant for him,i told him about this and said he s not ready for babies now,i had to abort it,this happened 2 more times and the doctor told me i should never try abortion again in my life,but we made a mistake again and i went on with the abortion by using some medication,i had a lot of bleeding and i was rushed to the clinic where i was told i had a damaged womb,the doctor said i wont be able to conceive again in life,few months later i and my bf path ways,i got married when i was 25,i and my husband tried all ways to get baby with no luck,i tried for almost 20 years,when i was 44 i read about a powerful woman,i visited her website and i read a lot of testimonies,i decided to contact her for help,she told me i am gonna conceive and have baby boy,she said i should provide some information,i did and she said i should go meet with my man and check for pregnancy test in 3 to 5 weeks,i did all she said i should do,surprisingly i did the test at exactly 5 weeks and it was positive,i couldn't believe it,i went to the doctor to confirm and it was positive,months later i put to bed and i have a baby boy,I am a living testimony of this great woman,she made the impossible possible,if not for her i wouldn't have become a mom,she is really the lord sent.
I am writing this to tell people its not over until its over,never give up and keep trying till the end.
If you have problems or delays in getting pregnant you can visit her website to learn more.

Hello there! I hope you are doing good. I am so sorry for your condition. I know it is hard to deal with infertility. But there are many alternatives are available to cope with this situation. Well, I am also an infertile lady. I faced this curse for 10 years. Then I come to know about surrogacy. I had opted for surrogacy. I decide to find the better place for my surrogacy because surrogacy is legally banned in my country. I had found a reputable clinic and its name is Biotexcom. Through there treatment my surrogacy becomes successful. At last the happiest moment of my life comes. Now I have a baby through surrogacy. I also advised you for surrogacy. That clinic organizes its event soon. Yet dates are not fixed, but that will be a booming event. You should go there. The head of the English department will lead this event. There you will find the solution to your problem.GOOD luck!
The couples who are facing infertility issues can go through surrogacy. In most of the case, the couple can’t afford the expenses of surrogacy. They must opt for adoption. In both situations, you have your own child. Whether it’s biological or not. Life of a married couple is nothing without a child. Adoption or surrogacy complete the family. Bring happiness to a parents life. So couples can opt for surrogacy and adoption according to their situation. So whatever they opt it will make them happy. Just a choose a good clinic like Biotexcom. For more guidance, there will be an event soon so stay tuned. Till then best of luck everyone.
Infertility is really tough to deal with. It's perhaps the toughest thing a woman can deal with. So sorry to hear that! this is always awful. Even for describing your situation you needed a lot of courage and bravery. It’s not as simple as it looks. It seems there is nothing to heal the loss you feel, but it does get better. Don't worry about anything. May you find a good clinic and start your procedure. There is a good clinic Biotexcom they are having an event soon. so keep your hopes up. Don't worry about it. everything will be fine. Just be calm and keep patience. Best of luck.
Hey! I am so glad to hear your story that you are conceiving after miscarriage. I feel so happy while watching happy mothers. I would love to share my story with you guys too. I married 5 years ago. After four years of struggles and visits to different clinics, I lost hope. I was not able to conceive. My doctors told me that I cannot conceive. I was so depressed. My husband and I were so worried. Then someone told us about IVF. We had IVF procedure from a good clinic which is situated in Ukraine. Their environment was so healthy. I felt really calm there. I am conceiving now and I am very excited for my baby.
Hello. How are you doing? I pray that you're okay now. I'm very sorry that you had to go through this. IVF doesn't work every time. It takes a lot of tries and energy. It didn't work for me either. So the last option we went for was surrogacy. We chose BioTexCom for this purpose. And needless to say, they did so well. They matched us with a great surrogate. We didn't have any problem with our embryo transfer. I would easily recommend them to anyone with blind trust. They're also planning to have their open days. This event won't be in Europe. It's a great opportunity to have your first free consultation. You will also get to meet the heads there. I suggest you try your luck with them!
Hey, honey. I hope you're okay. I can understand your situation. This is a story full of struggle. I'd love to help you out. There's actually going to be an event hosted by a clinic, that I went to. They are really great. They can definitely help you with this. You should definitely visit them. They haven't given a date and a venue, yet. But, they will update, soon. I am so excited about it! It's going to be amazing. I really can't wait. My prayers are with you. I really hope you find a solution.
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