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Hi im new(ish) here. I have a son who is 2 and we currently live in Melbourne.

My best friend is going through a really hard time. First she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who passed away at 2mth old of a fatal genetic condition. Then, 1 year after that, she have to abort a pregnancy when it was discovered tht that baby also had that genetic condition and didn't want to go through that all over again (and i dont blame her one bit!). Now, just last week she found out she was pregnant and had just miscarried it. Now if this is killing me, i can only imagine what its doing to her! I want to go as far as doing anything such as donating eggs, being a surrogate, or even just getting pregnant myself and letting her adopt the baby just so she can have a baby that she so desperately wants.
Im being ridiculous right? Tell me im being ridiculous.

Thanks - sorry for the pity party when its not even me who is suffering.
ummmm step back a bit look at the big picture here. I imagine your friend is not up to all of this at the moment and may need some time to grieve etc.

I personally couldn't do what you are suggesting but maybe you need have some councilling first to see wether this is just a knee jerk reaction to what is happening?

Your friend may need councilling to process what is happening. etc.

I personally would give it time even a year or more and if you still feel the same offer.
Yeah i would never suggest any of what i said right now, but ive been thinking this way for around 6 mths now. I just wish life would stop being so damn cruel and either let her have a baby who is going to survive, or tell her she will never have one and to adopt, or do the surrogacy thing with IVF and genetic testing. Its just hard knowing that my body is totally fine and getting pregnant and staying that way, and her's isn't. The not knowing is such a sucker punch in the gut.
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