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Miscarriage ?? Rss

I'm 5 week pregant went to toilet last night and was bleeding woke up in the morning it wasn't heavy but red had some cramping and a heavy feeling down there through out the day iv had little clots and still bleeding like a normal period but not heavy. In going to doctors on Monday just wanted to know if this happened to anyone and got a good out cum ?
I know it's most likliey a mc it just sucks sad

It sounds like a mc. This is what happened to me with my first mc which was roughly 5 - 6 weeks. Every now and then women do have bleeding in early pregnancy that doesn't result in mc and it's referred to as "threatened miscarriage" but from what you are describing, I'm not sure that will be the case for you. Really really sorry if it is a mc, I wish I could say something to make it feel better but after having been through it twice, I really can't offer any helpful words, just a really big cyber hug xx

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It's Ok I kinda guesses I was having a mc when I started bleeding iv had one before but at 12 weeks and it was a lot worse it's part of life I guess sad thank you for replying

Did you Wabt to talk to me mamuuska ??

It said I can't send a message unless I'm following you so I'm waiting for you to accept me now smile

Oh, I feel so bad for you hon! This feels like an mc to me. But maybe it's just an early bleeding? You never know what's wrong. You should contact your doctor ASAP. Just stay strong. Don't let this one obstacle stop you. You have a long way to go. Best of Luck!
I'm sorry to hear about your mc, honey. I know those are just rough facts, but I've been through one myself years ago and know how important it is to know about what could cause it. During pregnancy, your body supplies hormones and nutrients to your developing fetus. This helps your fetus develop normally during your pregnancy. Most first trimester miscarriages happen because the fetus doesn’t develop normally. There are different factors that can cause this.
Firstly, genetic or chromosome issues. About 50 percent of miscarriages are due to chromosome issues. Errors occur randomly when the cells of the embryo divide, or are due to a damaged egg or sperm cell. Problems with the placenta can also lead to a miscarriage.
These include: intrauterine fetal demise: The embryo forms but stops developing before you see or feel symptoms of pregnancy loss.
blighted ovum: No embryo forms at all.
molar pregnancy: Molar pregnancies are rare. There is usually an abnormal placenta growth, but since both sets of chromosomes come from the father, no fetal development occurs.
partial molar pregnancy: This happens when the mother’s chromosomes remains, but the father has also provided two sets of chromosomes. This causes placenta abnormalities and an abnormal fetus.
External health conditions, lifestyle habits, and underlying conditions may also interfere with the fetus’ development, especially in the second trimester. Exercise and sexual intercourse do not cause miscarriages. Working won’t affect the fetus either unless you’re exposed to harmful chemicals or radiation.
Conditions that can interfere with a fetus’ development include: poor diet, or malnutrition. advanced maternal age. untreated thyroid disease. uncontrolled diabetes. infections. trauma. obesity. problems with the cervix. abnormally shaped womb. severe high blood pressure. food poisoning. certain medications.
A mc leaves a huge scar but I hope time will heal..Stay strong and be kind to yourself.
Also to exclude the genetic reasons, you can turn to genetic counselors for help. they are health care providers specially trained to review a couple's medical and family histories to determine the likelihood of a genetic cause for infertilityGenetic counseling does not equal genetic testing. Although many genetic tests are available, not all are useful or necessary in every individual. Genetic counselors help identify which tests, if any, may be most helpful for each particular couple. The goal of genetic counseling is to provide information about the benefits and limitations of those test to help couples make informed decisions.
I am so sorry. I hope you are able to recover from this loss. I know how hard it might have been for you. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way. Just don't lose hope. I would suggest that you change your doctor. Visit someone with a high success rate.
Miscarriages are an awful experience. I can relate to how you feel. Don't lose hope, though. Change your doctor, if you are not satisfied. Getting pregnant can be tough. Make the right decisions. But, remember to take it easy. Check out new clinics, I can help you find some if you want. Good luck to you! Lots of baby dust for you.
I'm sorry but this sounds like an MC. I'd suggest you get an appointment with your doctor, right away. It must be really hard to take. Wishing you the best of luck. Hopefully, you get over it and keep trying. Good luck to you. Lots of baby dust for you, honey.
Hey. Oh, I feel so bad for you! Maybe it's just early bleeding? You never know what's wrong. You should contact your doctor ASAP. Just stay strong. Don't let this one obstacle stop you. You have a long way to go. Best of Luck!

Best wishes, World Center of Baby

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