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feeling low... need a bit of a vent... Lock Rss

Even though i miscarried in January... bub was due in July and with all the people that i know who were pregnant and that were due around me.... they are all having there babies and it is making me very sad... :S
I went to buy something things at Kmart today for a friend who is having there baby today, i walked around the baby section for ages and found some things i liked... and also had a bit of a cry.
Argh i hate feeling like this... i am so happy for all these people but yet i am so sad....
sorry i just needed to let some out and have another little cry... sad

i thought i was pregnant just gone, i had all the symptoms but didn't want to test because i am sick of the negative... It makes me feel better that i am not the only one feeling jealous of everyone around me. I am seriously so happy for them but i have a little voice in my head telling me otherwise lol if that makes sense... Good luck with everything hope you get BFP soon grin

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