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Miscarriage - when to try again Lock Rss

I am in your boat. I had a MC just over 7 weeks ago and found out recently I am 7 weeks pregnant so it happened straight away for me, to be honest I haven't had time to get my head around things and whilst I am stoked we are pregnant again and everything is wonderful and going great this time I haven't really had enough time to pull myself together.

just know the MC was not ur fault and cry! best to start when u are feeling ok with the loss and can find some understanding with it.
Hi, I miscarried in February at 8.5 weeks. The doctor told me it was fine to start trying again straight away, I didn't have to wait at all. It took me 8weeks to get a period after my D & C, then I just had 2 cycles and I am currently 9 weeks pregnant. Miscarriages are so hard emotionally but for me it helped to just start trying again straight away. Good luck with your TTC journey.

I miscarried at 13 weeks, I fell pregs with my girl like the next month without trying lol it can and does happen smile)) sorry 4 ur loss sad hugs!!

Sorry for your loss.
I had a miscarriage at 7.5weeks in December last year and the doctors told us we could start trying again straight away. My partner and myself had decided to wait though and will begin actively TTC later this year. It was just a personal choice no "medical" reason to wait - just wanted to prepare my body and get a little bit healthier to give the next pregnancy the best possible chance.
Best of luck xx
Hey. I am so sorry for you. Miscarriages are not easily be overcome I know its a hard time for you but you have to keep the faith. Whenever you feel fine you can go for it. I know your pain. I had 3 miscarriages and then I was not able to conceive. It was hard but it was in fate. I decided to go for treatment but same loss again. I later decided to go for surrogacy. I found an affordable clinic that provided us all the facilities and also a surrogate. I met the surrogate and they showed that she is examined medically. I was happy that I was going to be a mother. So she got pregnant in few weeks and after 9 months she gave birth to our baby. I was so happy when I got my hands on the baby. Dont get me wrong. I am telling this to comfort you. I hope this would help someone.
Yes, you are right dear. I have seen many ladies blaming themselves for miscarriages. But these are the laws of nature and everyone has to obey them. No one can overcome or beat these things. Calmness, self-confidence, and optimism are the things required to cope with failures. There is always a beam of hope in the complete darkness. So, one should not give up instead of trying again and again. Wishing you very best of luck for further procedure. Baby dust to you!
I had a number of miscarriages from my first marriage.
So i am going for surrogacy.I heard it is the best solution for me now.BioTexCom is a good clinic with good reputation.
The clinic has also its own many surrogates but they are looking the best one for us.
I have contacted BioTexCom for our surrogacy clinic.
They let us meet with the other couples who are raising babies via surrogacy method too.
The couples feedback is so satisfying about clinics that we are now ready to go for surrogacy.
The clinic has a number of surrogates who are willing to raise our child in their womb.
The clinic says that they will go through extensive tests methods to clear all the reports of surrogate so that we don't have any problems later on.
So now me and my husband are looking for a surrogate to raise our child in her womb.
The clinic says that the surrogate should be good physically and should be perfectly alright.
We have contacted a clinic for this issue and they are helping us in each and every stage.
Now i am married again and i persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy method to have a baby of our own. We both have some biological substance left which can make our own child in someone's other womb without having her biological impacts on our child.
I am facing the problem of infertility but i never had a miss carriage in my life. I have done so many abortions in my life because of that i am not able to have a baby in my life. In start i faced many difficulties in my life. But soon after i choose the surrogacy process to have a baby in my life. I am very close to have a baby in my life. This is some this all of you should try in your life. Having a baby in your life will create so much happiness in your life.
Before I had my 2nd I had a miscarriage at 8wks, then conceived him 2wks later

Congratulations on this great news. You are a real lucky one to come out of the problem so soon. It becomes a real challenge to cope with the loss. MC is not a disease but just a condition. It can be because of variant reasons. Proper treatment at the proper time is essential for the secure pregnancy in future. I wish if you could share the story in detail. Do let others know how to overcome the grief. Stress is the real killer. Your story has hope for those who have suffered MC. Your story tells the details that anything that you think is bad can be transformed into anything hopeful. Your story is telling that darkness never stays for long. There is always a bright end of the road of life. MC does not mean that your future chances of getting pregnant are almost negligible. You must be really excited. Take good care of yourself and have a safe journey.
I am also dealing with infertility problem, however, I never had a miscarriage. I have done abortions throughout my life due to which I am unable to carry an infant in my life. I confronted numerous challenges throughout my life. Then I opted the surrogacy procedure to have a child. I am nearer to having a child.I will say that every infertile one should go for such treatment. Having a child will make such a great amount of joy and happiness in your life.
Hey there!!! I am so sorry for your loss. mc is not your fault. you should not be disheart on this. Just be strong.. there is the right time of every happening. I think this is not your right time. Just consult with a good doctor. Maybe your doctor will prescribe you to with some medications. Don’t give up your struggle. keep yourself healthy and fresh.dont take any stress. if it won't work for you. then consider medical treatments. medical science has made much progress I this regard. like surrogacy or IVF. these methods really helpful to you. these are common and legal procedures. which are very helpful for infertile people. wish you good luck.
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