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Miscarriage - when to try again Lock Rss

Miscarriages are not a disease but they can be because of the disease. Many pregnant women face this threat. It is something unexpected and can happen to anyone around us. Unfortunately you met the same fate. The most tormenting thing about the miscarriages is that they break the most desired dreams of any couple. There are multiple reasons of the miscarriages. It can be only ailment or an accident that can cause the miscarriages. You are a lucky one too. As you have mentioned you got pregnant soon after the miscarriage. I have seen similar situations in many cases. Pregnancy after the miscarriages are safe. The threat level is similar to the threat level in any ordinary pregnancy. You have to look after yourself. You need to take every step in a calculated manner. Take healthy food and keep visiting the doctor regularly. don't think too much, it woud increase the mental stress. I wish you all the best in your life.
Hey, thank you for this post. It is true that MC can really be so difficult to cope up with. However, don't be too hard on yourself! It was not your fault and it never will be. There are certain things that are just not in our hands and this is one of them. When you start to self-blame yourself you actually make things worse so don't do that. People who undergo MC I personally think should visit a therapist. This way they will feel a lot better about themselves.
Miscarriage is the hardest thing ever. I had always thought that. But when I faced it, it was not just hard. It broke me down. I was like a piece of meat after that. After professional help only was I able to withstand life again. I am glad I got through.
Miscarriages are very difficult to face. It takes so much from a lady. I faced three consecutive miscarriages. Due to them, I faced infertility. I was unable to conceive a baby due to the weak womb. At such hard time, surrogacy blessed me with deep joy. You'd also give it a try!
Hey love. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you're taking it well. You need to stay strong. About your question. Have you tried consulting a gyno? If you haven't, please do. There is no specific time about when to try again. But my doctors told me to wait for at least a 6 months before trying again. Gives your uterus a break. But if you have conceived, don't overthink. Just take your prenatal vitamins. Eat well. Sleep well. All will be well for you!
Hey Rebecca. I am really feeling very sorry for your loss. This is not your fault indeed. Such a wise post you have written. No doubt miscarriages are natural and we have to move on and try again. Because success lies in the trying again. Hope so things will work for you best of luck.
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