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Struggling.... Due Date Tomorrow.... Lock Rss

Tomorrow (30th of July) is the Due date of my little one that I miscarried in December and I am really struggling at the moment. I thought I had been coping well - but I've burst into tears so many times over the last few days.... probably doesn't help the emotions that AF is due.

Wondering how others have coped with the due date .... and hints/tips to get through the day?
Sorry to read this. My advice would be to let out your emotions, but to also embrace your babies due date too. When it was our babies due date it was very hard not to be sad for what was never going to be, I decided that the best thing for me especially was to acknowledge bubs birthday (or what should have been). We got a cake with a candle and we wrote a card. This card stayed up for about a month and each day I would light a candle and read the card. Its not easy and anyone that has lost a baby will understand your grief. Things do get easier, its now been 3yrs since we lost our little one and not a day goes by that I don't think about how our life would have been different. I really hope that you have support tomorrow to get you through the day. Have you had any councelling? I found it really helpful for me but it also took me a long time to get there. I really wish you all the best and hope that tomorrow goes well however you get through it smile
Thank you ladies for your replies. I've just spent the last hour or so baking cupcakes, which is something I love to do and it did help in a way to think of them as little birthday cakes. I'm at work tomorrow, so will see how that goes....
I am sorry your little one is not here with you today as they should be. I like the sound of your cupcakes. Thinking of you today.
Thank you ladies and I'm sorry for your own losses - I've cried only once today and had a chat with my mum about how I'm feeling. Thank you for all your ideas and support
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