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miscarrige Lock Rss

Just had mc yesterday(16.6weeks) very painful n hurting, I knw lots of ppl hav gone thru dis but just want to knw wen we can start trying again. Thank u for all your comment, I've learnt a lot frm dis blog.
I am so sorry for your loss lots of GBH
its up to you, start trying again when you feel ready. they do say you are most fertile after a mc so you ever know it does happen.

don't rush if you don't think ur ready =)
Thank u so much. God bless u!
Just wanted to say sorry to hear about your mc. sad

Thank u all, really appreciate. Ok, I will take my time.
I'm Very Sorry for your loss hun. Take your time and you'll know when your emotionally ready to try again. xx

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

Im so sorry for your loss. just try again when you feel ready to.

Im so sorry for your loss. just try again when you feel ready to.

Oh so blessed to find dis blog, u all r wonderful peeps, thank u so much!
I'm so sorry to hear about ur loss thinking of u and ur family fingers crossed u fall preg soon xoxo
Thanks dearie, I'm over it. Infact we have started, I pray for a lasting result soon. smile
Hi Abiodun. Sad on your miscarriage. However i would recommend you to study this page thoroughly.
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