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Heartbeats and Fetal Pole Lock Rss

HI everyone,

I wasn't sure where this fits in with the other threads but though I would start a new one.
I had a m/c this year in late May and it completely devastated me and my partner. We've recently found out that we are now pregnant and expecting again. We had a scan the other day at 6 weeks and saw the yolk sac but no fetal pole or heart beat. The scanner and doctor said give it another week and it should be fine, but the waiting and previous experience is driving me insane. I'm nervous, cautious and going out of mind with worry. My HCG levels are climbing still, and I still have my morning sickness but I'm freaking out slightly in case the worst happens. Has anyone else had experience with going to scans and not seeing the fetal pole or heart beat, and then seeing it a week later. All experiences would be appreciated.
I can't say I know what you are going through as I don't but I just wanted to say, try and stay positive till next week. My thoughts are with you and fingers crossed!! Goodluck.

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As a general rule, at about 5 weeks you can see a sac and sometimes a fetal pole (basically, the baby) and at 6 weeks you should clearly see fetal pole and sometime between week 6 - 7 you should see a heartbeat. It's entirely possible that your dates are slightly wrong. I totally understand the anxiety after having been through 2 mc and having had one successful pregnancy. It's impossible to not feel anxious, but I think it's better to just remain optimistic until you have a reason to feel otherwise. It will be awful if you go through it again, but I'm keeping everything crossed for you that you don't xx

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