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complete molar- and going on to another pregnancy? Lock Rss

Hi everyone.
Ive only just found out on Friday that my last pregnancy was a complete molar. It ended 16 wks ago, but nobody bothered to follow it up or let me know of that outcome.
It was by chance that a female dr I saw last week thought she would check in with the pathology report about my D&C
all this time I have been constantly thinking of this baby that could have been and how quickly I can get pregnant again.. there never was a baby- just a growth..
So googling this Im a bit worried. I was still getting +s until 2x wks ago (14 wks post) and for some reason I tested today- Positive.
Ill go see a doc tommorrow- I guess I just wanted to see how common this is?
Did you go on to have a preg quickly and was it ok?
And if anyone is around now- who do I see?, GPS are uselss on this kinda stuff

Thanks for your reply mIri.
I guess I slipped through the cracks- the hossy is going to contact me for an appt this week.
My pos was darker today- gotta get HCG done too.
I was tryin for another as I didnt realise- but you saying 1% is regrowth- thats small.
Im not going to get too excited about anything yet. Ill just try forget about it for 4x weeks till u/sound and hopefully theres a baby
Just an update on me
Had my hossy appt today- too early on u/s but could be an early preg, but there was something else on the wall too.
Need to repeat in 2 weeks an se what's happening, there are many variables, so will need to sit tight. Worse case there is a baby and a re growth- in which case the whole let gets taken to decrease any risks with molar best case dodgy section subsides we have a heartbeat. What a pain, but wel get there in the end
I had a molar pregnancy removed first week in September this year the doc told me that the growth was 9 weeks along so now to our surprise I found out that im now 9.5 weeks along with a healthy baby I was told that I was suppose to wait 6 to 12 months before trying again
Mumma001 wow that would have happenend straight away for you then. Have you had an U//s?
What are they doing with you- are you continuing as normal then? Do they have any concerns for you? My scan is Tues coming to see what the situation is. At the moment the hospital are not really taking mine lightly..
I've had to go to the hospital once a week, today was my last app with the specialist now I have to go though the normal system but instead of the normal once every 4 weeks I have to go in fortnightly til their happy with the way things are going
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