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TTC January 14 - New Beginning and Resolutions Lock Rss

Congratulations Bex. FX for a sticky baby!

Congrats Bex... I'm guessing the metoformin (SP?) did its job? That's amazing smile

Congratulations Bex!

AFM: Sitting here impatiently awaiting the blood results from the 21 day test, for some reason I don't think it will be as normal this month.

Jumping in to say congratulations Bex, I know your a long time TTC and I'm glad to see you got your BFP well done smile


deja_nz, TTC #1, cycle 6, O due 27th Dec-2nd Jan
Samntink TTC # 3, cycle 2 (after BC) O due 13-14 th jan, AF due round 28th
Milkshake_ TTC #1, Cycle 2 (Cycle 8 really) O due 8th Jan
amberAnn TTC #1 cycle 3 O due approx 15th Jan
Happy Wifey TTC #1 cycle 16, O due 18 Jan
MegzieB TTC #1 cycle 5 (after ectopic) O due approx 23rd Jan
Lana_J, TTC #1, Cycle 12 (after MC) O due approx 27th or so.
Miss Mia TTC #1, Cycle 10, O due 26-31 Jan
Catchoo TTC #2, cycle 4, O due 28 - 30th Jan


MeggyMeffen TTC#2 cycle 1 (after stilborn twins) AF due Jan sometime
Chickadee TTC #1 cycle (given up counting), AF due early jan
Blessedwithone, TTC #2, Cycle 24 (sigh) AF due approx 15-18th Jan
Little beans, TTC #1, cycle 3 (after MC) AF due approx 19th - 20th Jan
MelzieM, TTC #2, cycle 1, AF due approx. 20th Jan.
Hopeful_Kel ~ TTC #2 (#1 for hubby) cycle 17 (I think) AF due 24th Jan
Jeanie736 TTC : cycle 2 (after mc) AF Due 26th Jan
tarstars TTC #1 cycle 2 (long cycles) AF due 14-17 Jan
myunexpectedblessing TTC #2, cycle 7, AF due approx 24th Jan
*Beaker* TTC#1, Cycle "9" of 17, AF due approx 29th Jan - Not testing early!
Loz80 TTC#3, Cycle 1 (after mc), AF due approx 27th Jan
Carrie85 TTC#5 cycle 1 (after mc) AF due around 17th Jan.
butterflylove TTC #1 cycle 3 (after mc) AF due around 31st Jan
Rachnzl, TTC #1, Cycle 5.... AF Due 22 Jan (or 19th if it's another crazy cycle!)
Dom82 TTC#1, cycle 2, AF due 30 Jan- 1st of Feb?

Bex3330 - due 22nd Sep

Congrats Bex!!!!

Adding myself to the 2WW. After some pretty strong O pains yesterday and waking up to nothing today I'm pretty sure I've O'd now. maybe LOL
Aww congratulations Bex!!! Nice to see you get ur BFP smile I remember you from a few months back, any tips or tricks that you used this time around? Best of luck for a wonderful pregnancy!!!

Sorry to hear about your losses Catchoo and Chops sad wish you both lots of luck and sticky baby dust for your next cycle!!

So Ive decided to try bbt charting this cycle and so far im finding it quite fascinating. Still early in my cycle so not much happening on the chart yet. Pretty much every cycle we've been ttc I have been able to pinpoint O day because of the certain O pains i get. The months that Ive used opks, I get positives on the o pain day plus another day. I really want to test the bbt charting to confirm the O time. Im just wondering, if anyone knows- if your chart looks good with a definate temp shift, does that absolutely mean that you have released an egg? As Im aware you can get positive opks because of the LH surge and body trying to ovulate even though it might not actually do it... I just wonder if a chart can indicate ovulation even if it doesnt occur...? Maybe the only way to tell for sure is through blood test or ultrasounds?
Thanks for any advice ladies and good luck to you all smile
Congrats Bex! Youn guys must be stoked smile

Miss Mia - I don't know much about the charting so I can't say about the temp rise meaning def ovulation, but you are right that you can have an LH surge and not ovulate as a result of it.

Thanks everyone smile We are over the moon, but still very nervous as its early days yet.

The only thing we did differently this cycle (I have been BBT charting for a year now) is that I was on metformin and was having the "day 21" bloods done every week because of my irregular cycles.

Miss Mia, charting was an awesome way for me to get the baby thinking out of my head for a while. I would chart my temp etc for the day, and that was it. Reading the charts with PCOS was a bit of a science though lol. I would get temp shifts and 5-6 days later itd go down and my fertility friend would take away my crosshairs! You can get sustained temp shifts and no ovulation though. Last cycle I had what I though was a clear temp shift, got my bloods done at the right time and my progesterone was only 3 sad So just be a bit careful with them smile
Congrats Bex smile
Congratulations Bex, great news! FX for some more BFP's real soon for everyone else smile

Hi everyone

I haven't been on here since November as it all got a bit much, but I am back. Update on me ... DH and I have been TTC for 17 months now. DH had tests and his count is low but not too bad. We went to our first session with a fertility specialist yesterday which was really good, I feel like I am now on the "roll call" and we have a plan in place. Just have to wait for my next cycle to start bloods etc. Also have to get my tubes tested, I am really nervous about this as I go into shock really easily and work myself up and have small panic attacks! any advice for this would be appreciated. Then the next cycle I will start on Chlomid. I have also started tracking my bbt this cycle and will hopefully sort out a pattern one day.

Good luck everyone, this is going to be all of our years to get that BFP and sticky babies!
Welcome back Elletee smile good on you for getting the ball rolling, I hope it all goes well and that you get lucky very soon. As for getting the tube test done, I haven't experienced it myself so I cant tell you what it's like. Just try and focus on the positive to get you through it (apparently you can be extra fertile after a hsg... A few ladies on here Im pretty sure, have gotten their bfps just after having it done). Let us know how you go with everything smile

Thanks Bex smile I'll have to see how I go with my chart. Figure it will be a good thing to try anyway before I go and see my doctor..

Hows everyone else going so far this month?
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