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TTC January 14 - New Beginning and Resolutions Lock Rss

I'm out for this month. Hopefully next month will be better.

January is so far turning out to be a not so good month for most of us :-\

Just gotta keep going!

Here's hoping February brings good news smile
I'm out this month. AF has finally arrived .... 11 days after finishing provera!! Actually happy AF is here as I can start my first cycle of clomid. Here's hoping it works smile Heading to the TTC February thread. Hopefully won't see too many of you there and you get your BFP.

Jan is not Turing out to be very positive for us sad, I'm pritty sure I'm out this month too, AF due about 6 days but no symptoms at all.... Nuthin nit even normal AF stuff yet.....
Let's hope that feb is better and there are lots if BFPs...,,
Baby dust too all.......
Just did a HPT after work & I got a BFP!!! smile smile smile

I was expecting another BFN as I don't have any symptoms that I had with my MC. Hopefully it's a good sign that the symptoms are different this time. Only symptom I have is dizziness but I put that down to the recent 40 + degree weather!!

Best of luck to everyone else for the rest of this month!!
congrats Little Bean!!!

I'm not too positive about this month either but AF isn't due next weekend so anything is possible. Going camping this weekend so that will distract me a bit but I've been surprisingly relaxed.
Hi All,

So I've been lurking around for months reading the monthly ttc forums but this is my first post. My partner and I are ttc #1 and have been trying for 7 cycles so far. Main reason for posting is to see if any one out there has the same issue as me... I tend to ovulate around cd 18 of a 24-27 day cycle. I never even get to the magical 10dpo but despite that each month I get my hopes up. Of course I've done hours of internet searches related to this and I've read all about having a short luteal phase. Anyone else out there in the same boat as me?
Aww congrats Little Beans!! Yay finally some good news in here!!!

Sorry to everyone who is feeling down and those who have had af arrive!!! There is now a Feb thread started, I'll be keeping an eye in here too though and hopefully see some more BFPs soon.

BZNZ welcome! I also tend to ovulate later in my cycles, anything from CD 17-23... But usually have a luteal phase of 11 days, the odd cycle of 10. It does concern me a bit and it is something I'll be asking my dr about if I dont get lucky very soon. I have read that taking some vitamins can increase the luteal phase but Im waiting to ask my dr about it. Good luck to you in your journey smile
Congrats little bean smile
The stats are 60% in 6 months, 80-90% in a year and 95% in 18 months for time to get pregnant. At under 30 you have a 25% chance each month, over 30 it drops to 20% and declines up to 40years old. Or something like that.

sadly it takes as long as it takes and its a little easier having no expectations on when it will happen. Just try to enjoy the journey smile

BZNZ you could take your info to your Dr and discuss your shorter leutal phase and have your hormones done to see. A previous lady had discussed it with her FS but they were reluctant to treat it and she got pregnant in under a year ago with no assistance. She did end up on progesterone pessaries early pregnancy tho. Good luck in your journey

congrats little beans smile

Thanks for the welcomes and replies!

Miss Mia - I've seen lots of info about vitamins etc and I started taking a vitamin B complex a couple of months ago as the B6 is supposed to help but haven't really noticed a change yet. I'm going to carry on because my thinking is that a multi-vitamin shouldn't really do any harm - supposed to help stress and energy too!

I mentioned to my Dr that we were trying (there for an unrelated reason) and she told me 6-9 months is standard for most couples so I'm trying to not be too neurotic, it is tough though!

I agree butterfly love that it is frustrating! I have two sisters who between them have a gaggle of kids and every time I swear they just thought about having a baby and the next month they were pregnant! Why can't it be that easy for everyone. I think that their experiences gave me an unrealistic idea of what it took but the more I've been on here reading everyone's stories it reminds me that it is different for everyone.
I think I might take a bit of a break for these forums and charting. Im just starting to get so depressed about the whole thing and so confused also. My boobs are so sore (like milk coming in sore) and I have no af symptoms but keep getting BFN's which is the same as last month. So I think we might just take it easy until we can see a FS to put my mind at ease...

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