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TTC January 14 - New Beginning and Resolutions Lock Rss

BZNZ- Welcome!

I got my temping starter kit from eBay today! So I'm all set for next cycle if this one doesn't work out
Miss Mia. I took vitamin b6 to lengthen my luteal phase (also 11 days) and it worked but also gave me killer headaches. Make sure you take a b vitamin complex to do it. On it's own b6 will give you headaches as a side effect but all together it doesn't. I am currently taking it again as the complex but I haven't had a regular cycle yet since the d&c. It's weird but I think it also regulated my ovulation too. I went from having O anywhere from cd 15 to cd 19 to having it on cd 13 or cd 14.

I have had af rock up 4 days early and it was very light so I am on the crazy wagon again. sad
I have an odd feeling that I haven't actually ovulated these last couple of months even though my temps says so. I haven't had any pms symptoms at all. Although I did get an onset of headaches with this af but I have also been quite stressed out. Not cool.

Hi ladies,

just stalking in here, was hoping to see a few more BFPs by now its a bit of a slow month by the looks sad
But great to see you get your BFP Bex, I remember you from TTC threads when I was in them and know it has been a difficult road for you.

BZNZ, I am the lady that beaker mentioned having luteal phase issues and got my BFP after about 10 months TTC. I think a lot of my issues were to do with being on the pill for so long, and things taking time to even out. Were you on the pill before? if so you might just need more time.
I used B complex and vitex for about 4 months before getting my BFP. Im not sure if they helped or not as my cycles ended up going a bit crazy (really long the 2 cycles before the BFP). Think they're worth a try though. Definitely get your hormones checked, in particular progesterone at 7 days post ovulation. Use OPKs to make sure you're getting the bloods at the right time. Progesterone should be over 30 at this time in order to support implantation. When mine was tested it was 27 so borderline. Then even when I got pregnant my levels were low so have been on progesterone supplements since 5 weeks, Im sure I would have miscarried very early on if I hadn't been on them. Am now 9 weeks 3 days and still very nervous about things going wrong.
I know it still early days ( af is due in 5 days apparently ) but the pregnancy test came out negative. I know it's still early days and it could turn around if my af doesn't show up but it did break my heart just a little bit ....

Today my best mate at work is leaving me for a new job so tears all the way round...

Hey Mrs West,

Yes I was on the pill for about 7 years before this so fingers crossed it is just an issue to things evening out. Did you just request your Dr to check your progesterone levels? Did you have to convince them to do this since you hadn't been trying for a year?
Sorry to hear Chickadee.

Congrats Bex.

My cm has stopped, but I've had other signs pop up now tho, so I'm still living in hope. Been very down and a bit emotional the last few days, not sure exactly, but a similar thing happened after my last mc at about the same stage, so I guess it's all to do with that. AF is due for me early next week (I think I ovulated early this month, so I'm going by that and expecting it a few days early). Fingers Crossed for everyone.
BZNZ wrote:
Hey Mrs West,

Yes I was on the pill for about 7 years before this so fingers crossed it is just an issue to things evening out. Did you just request your Dr to check your progesterone levels? Did you have to convince them to do this since you hadn't been trying for a year?

No didn't really have to convince them to test, basically theres a list of tests that the fertility specialists want done if you are considering referral so GP should have that list and be able to give you the order form for them. If your doctor doesn't have the list its on fertility associates website under information for GPs. They should be happy to do tests for you especially if you say you have abnormal cycles, concerns about luteal phase etc. They will probably also recommend your partner has semen analysis which is a good thing to do too. Good luck!
Aw happy wifey.. gbh xx. My friend just had a baby, and when I got her text it just made my heart ache I nearly cried, just because I wish it was me holding a new baby in my arms.. I could have had a baby 3 times now, and both my niece and nephew were born in those months too. My SIL must have had similar cycles to me, she got pregnant when we were trying on our honeymoon, so had her baby when I would have been due if we got pregnant there. I know it sounds really stupid but it sort of stings me still, and they just happened to use the little boys name that we had our heart set on. Needless to say we've found a better choice now wink

Anyway, I hope this cycle is the one for you xx

Happy wifey wrote:
Devastated. And devastated that I'm devastated. One of my best friends has just told me she's pregnant, expecting her second. I'm thrilled for her, but I'm soooo glad she told me via text! Sometimes I wonder if people who fall pregnant easily realise how lucky they are. Surely they do. Sorry guys, I needed to vent.

To be honest... Most will assume that everyone gets pregnant immediately! I know so many who have gotten pregnant first go... you know the ones, they will tell you that you need to relax etc!!!

Ermmm.... that being said.....

Today I am 12DPO and have been feeling quite strange. I have had constant period type pains only more sustained & lower (??) for the last 5 days. And have a really low grade nausea. I tested negative on Saturday and after work and my usual 2 litres of water at work.... I got this:

So hesitantly I have to say BFP! I was almost at the 6 months TTC (I'm 38) so my doc would have referred me to a FS this week.

Hope everyone else is doing ok smile

Fair enough, relax and enjoy the evening, have a nice sleep, and start fresh tomorrow smile and thanks. I have no signs of AF coming but no pregnancy symptoms either. My app tracking shows I've been getting AF 15 days after ovulation on the clomid, so I might test Tuesday if I don't have AF by then since my app says It's due on monday..

and further....


deja_nz, TTC #1, cycle 6, O due 27th Dec-2nd Jan
Samntink TTC # 3, cycle 2 (after BC) O due 13-14 th jan, AF due round 28th
amberAnn TTC #1 cycle 3 O due approx 15th Jan
MegzieB TTC #1 cycle 5 (after ectopic) O due approx 23rd Jan
Lana_J, TTC #1, Cycle 12 (after MC) O due approx 27th or so.
Miss Mia TTC #1, Cycle 10, O due 26-31 Jan
Catchoo TTC #2, cycle 4, O due 28 - 30th Jan


MeggyMeffen TTC#2 cycle 1 (after stilborn twins) AF due Jan sometime
Chickadee TTC #1 cycle (given up counting), AF due early jan
Blessedwithone, TTC #2, Cycle 24 (sigh) AF due approx 15-18th Jan
Little beans, TTC #1, cycle 3 (after MC) AF due approx 19th - 20th Jan
MelzieM, TTC #2, cycle 1, AF due approx. 20th Jan.
Hopeful_Kel ~ TTC #2 (#1 for hubby) cycle 17 (I think) AF due 24th Jan
Jeanie736 TTC : cycle 2 (after mc) AF Due 26th Jan
tarstars TTC #1 cycle 2 (long cycles) AF due 14-17 Jan
myunexpectedblessing TTC #2, cycle 7, AF due approx 24th Jan
*Beaker* TTC#1, Cycle "9" of 17, AF due approx 29th Jan - Not testing early!
Loz80 TTC#3, Cycle 1 (after mc), AF due approx 27th Jan
Carrie85 TTC#5 cycle 1 (after mc) AF due around 17th Jan.
butterflylove TTC #1 cycle 3 (after mc) AF due around 31st Jan
Dom82 TTC#1, cycle 2, AF due 30 Jan- 1st of Feb?
Happy Wifey TTC #1 cycle 16, AF due 31 Jan

Bex3330 - due 22nd Sep
Rachnzl - due 3rd Oct

Congrats Rachnzl smile

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