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TTC January 14 - New Beginning and Resolutions Lock Rss

Ok, maybe wrong choice of words with 'deserve'. Apologies there.

I do support my friends with fertility issues. My best friend in particular, we have very open discussions about it all and the feelings that go with it.

Maybe I'm just being too sensitive then.
Sometimes we all just feel a little sensitive about ttc things, so lets all just move forwards smile

Oooh Congrats Rachelnz!!!! Must have been so nice seeing the 2 lines!!! Wish you all the best for a healthy pregnancy smile

*~*Mummah*P*~* wrote:
Miss Mia. I took vitamin b6 to lengthen my luteal phase (also 11 days) and it worked but also gave me killer headaches. Make sure you take a b vitamin complex to do it. On it's own b6 will give you headaches as a side effect but all together it doesn't. I am currently taking it again as the complex but I haven't had a regular cycle yet since the d&c. It's weird but I think it also regulated my ovulation too. I went from having O anywhere from cd 15 to cd 19 to having it on cd 13 or cd 14.

Mummah P, I had a look at the back of the packet of my Elevit vitamins and pretty sure (from memory) they contain B1, B2,B3, B5, B6 and B12. Probably in smaller amounts than a B complex on its own? Ive been pretty slack taking my elevit the last few months tbh but trying to be more diligent with it now. I'll definately be asking my dr about my short luteal phase and see if she thinks its a problem. I havnt made an appointment yet but most likely will go see her next month. Interesting about the B complex helping to regulate your ovulation day too, must be doing some good then. Wish you lots of luck and baby dust smile
Thanks guys smile We're just so happy as I truly believed it would be a long hard road and I am very cautiously optimistic as I know I'm considered AMA!!

Loz, I hope you didn't take offence to what I was saying. I was only referring to people I know. There are billions out there who get pregnant first go and I dont know anything about them smile
I have a bad tendency to think everyone automatically knows what im saying laugh
We had been hearing since we got married (nearing 10 months) that everyone in the extended family had gotten preg "as soon as he looked at me". What I didn't say, was every one of those children are dearly loved and raised to be amazing people - like my Hubby!!

Ohhh Beaker... I'm excited for you... I know it will be soon wink

Congrats Little Beans & Bex if I haven't said it!!!!

Congrats Bex3330, Rachnzl & Little beans!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY to more BFP's!!!!! Lets hope there are some more before the month end!!!!

Congrats to the BFP's!

Just hanging around waiting for AF to show. Haven't even been testing everyday like I normally do. Having such shit luck this week (overheating my car, my partners car dying and then the car we were borrowing from the MIL overheating on us aswell) that I feel this month there is next to no chance. Fingers crossed for a better month next month.

Updating the list smile


deja_nz, TTC #1, cycle 6, O due 27th Dec-2nd Jan
Samntink TTC # 3, cycle 2 (after BC) O due 13-14 th jan, AF due round 28th
amberAnn TTC #1 cycle 3 O due approx 15th Jan
Lana_J, TTC #1, Cycle 12 (after MC) O due approx 27th or so.
Miss Mia TTC #1, Cycle 10, O due 26-31 Jan
Catchoo TTC #2, cycle 4, O due 28 - 30th Jan


MeggyMeffen TTC#2 cycle 1 (after stilborn twins) AF due Jan sometime
Chickadee TTC #1 cycle (given up counting), AF due early jan
Blessedwithone, TTC #2, Cycle 24 (sigh) AF due approx 15-18th Jan
MelzieM, TTC #2, cycle 1, AF due approx. 20th Jan.
Hopeful_Kel ~ TTC #2 (#1 for hubby) cycle 17 (I think) AF due 24th Jan
Jeanie736 TTC : cycle 2 (after mc) AF Due 26th Jan
tarstars TTC #1 cycle 2 (long cycles) AF due 14-17 Jan
myunexpectedblessing TTC #2, cycle 7, AF due approx 24th Jan
*Beaker* TTC#1, Cycle "9" of 17, AF due approx 29th Jan - Not testing early!
Loz80 TTC#3, Cycle 1 (after mc), AF due approx 27th Jan
Carrie85 TTC#5 cycle 1 (after mc) AF due around 17th Jan.
butterflylove TTC #1 cycle 3 (after mc) AF due around 31st Jan
Dom82 TTC#1, cycle 2, AF due 30 Jan- 1st of Feb?
Happy Wifey TTC #1 cycle 16, AF due 31 Jan
MegzieB TTC #1 cycle 5 (after ectopic) AF due 6th Feb

Bex3330 - due 22nd Sep
Rachnzl - due 3rd Oct
Little beans - due 27th - 30th Sept

Hi everyone, popping back in... Awesome to see some BFP's smile

My AF due date is today, and so far it's a no show!
Here's hoping it stays away, but knowing my luck it'll show up during or after work!

I don't have any HPTs at home, but ordered some online. Here's hoping they are here by the time I get home so I can test tomorrow (if I can hold out) or wait till after the weekend!

It would be so awesome, but trying to not get hopes too high like I usually do, but I think they're pretty high anyhow! (As usual)


(I think my ticker in signature is wrong lol, it's saying day 2 of 30 day cycle... I'm on day 30 of cycle today lol)

Hopeful_Kel wrote:
My AF due date is today, and so far it's a no show!

FX the nasty AF doesnt arrive for you today butterflylove!

Ducked to loo around 5pm, and when I wiped... There it was sad
AF arrived sad
So back to the drawing board!!!!

I not long ago got home from work, and the pain... Ohhhhh the pain is kicking in!!!!
Might just have to have some wine now to make me feel better lol

** if someone updates the list! please remove me... Thanks **

have a lovely long weekend and Australia day lovely's

smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile

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