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TTC January 14 - New Beginning and Resolutions Lock Rss

Hey everyone officially started trying this month thinking I ovulated around the 20th i have been using the opks and just got an iPad app to track my know your seriously trying when you get an iPad app! Lol when should I test? smile
sad Sorry to hear that hopeful_Kel. A big glass of wine sounds like a very good idea or a few of them in fact.

AFM: 2 days late now. Will test this afternoon just in case as we have a wedding to go to tonight but I think I just ovulated late so will wait and see what unfolds in the next few days.

look likes i might be out for this month 2.... very very light spotting this morning only when i go to the bathroom.... so sad ..

butterflylove wrote:

I have been feeling so emotional these past few days. April (the month I was due) keeps getting closer and closer and I just seem to be overcome with sadness that comes in waves when I least expect it. On the bright side I haven't been symptom spotting and I haven't tested early yet! I realised I put down my AF due date incorrectly, it should be the 29th of Jan.

5 days until I can test.

Sorry to hear that you're having a hard time sad I really hope you get your sticky bub very soon to help ease some pain. I haven't even had a bfp yet, but I still get emotional when I hear of people I know being due when I could have been since starting ttc... Not the same thing at all but it can be hard to see.

Aww no Hopeful Kel!!! Hope you're ok and not in too much pain. You definately deserve a few wines smile Better luck this cycle!!!

Chickadee also sorry to hear of af showing sad so gutting!!! Good luck this next cycle

Myunexpectedblessing wow you're strong for holding off testing!! I hope this is it for you, got my FX crossed for you smile
Well I'm out I think. Started spotting today and my cervix is softening so AF is def on the way. Because of a stag do DH probably won't be here at the right time regardless of clomid or not so we will be giving this cycle a miss even though he's home for it. Not sure when our dates will line up again so just gonna play it by ear, but may give it a rest until I get surgery. I'll update the list later.

I had spotting today so think i must of ovulated really early in my cycle this month hence why i missed a positive OPK. Good luck to you all that are still waiting.
had heavier spotting, still only when i go to the bathroom but this is the way my last two af has started, so looks like i'm moving over to feb ttc sad

Sorry to hear chickadee, mines the same, will probably be here in full force tomorrow sad

Sorry to hear chickadee, Beaker and all others who are out this month. AF arriving is so devastating, be kind to yourselves.

Congrats to the BFP's - and fingers crossed to those still waiting.

I am watching these threads until we can try again after my d&c - back on the TTC with Clomid train in early March.

Thinking of you butterflylove. My date in August is still a while away and I've already started thinking about what to do - I know I'm going to be sad, even if I am pregnant again by then. A counsellor suggested taking a day off work and doing something nice with DH or even going away together for a few days. Might be a nice idea for you too? It's so hard.

A close family member has just announced her pregnancy. She's due exactly a week after we were meant to be. Of course I am happy for her, but the timing makes it extra hard for us thinking of our loss.

Be kind to yourself, and good luck for this month. x

Chops I am thinking of you x I will keep an eye out for your BFP in March then wink We aren't having any more clomid until I've had surgery. So, we aren't really trying for a few months. Hopefully I'll get surgery soon. Stay strong x a day off with your DH sounds nice for when you were due.

Hi ladies,
I know how you feel, my DH twin anounced she was pregnant the morning of day we lost our latest bub, was so incredibly hard as she was due a week before our due date. I was praying (literally) that she didn't go over and have her bub on our due date!

On our due date, I tried to get DH to take a day off but it couldnt happen. I did take the day off, I cried all morning then my DD lost her first tooth that day, i believe it was a sign from my angel baby. Then I lit a candle that was made for me whn I was 13 (im now 29) and had it burning on the kitchen table for 3 hours.

Remembering the due date is really important in my opinion makes our babies seem special and 'real'.

One thing i did find was even my closest friends/family thought I was a bit strange putting so much attention on thsi date so maybe just be aware that even people who support you may not understand the need for you to recognise this day.

Sorry for the novel xox

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