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TTC January 14 - New Beginning and Resolutions Lock Rss

Oooh good luck Butterflylove!! Are you testing tomorrow morning?

Beaker so sorry that you're out this cycle sad I hope that you're ok... Shame that your next cycle isn't going to line up with your hubby being home, that must be difficult. Good luck in taking the next step, let us know how you go with everything smile I hope you get some good news soon!!

Sorry to the rest of you ladies who are out, its so sad sad Hopefully this cycle is a better one!!
AF was due on saturday/sunday and I did have spotting then absolutely nothing.. also a trip to the A&E in severe pain ... turns out I have a large gallstone stuck in the neck of the gallbladder and have to have it removed... anyways testing tomorrow morning FX
Aww sorry you got a bfn Butterfly sad hopefully its still just too early and it can still turn around *hugs* enjoy your day out with your hubby smile

Jeanie that sounds terrible you poor thing!! Hope the pain has settled for you!!
Thanks Butterflylove and Miss Mia... I had another gallbladder attack this morning after brekky... on another note I did a POAS before brekky and got a very very faint second line.... so Im going to test again in a few days
Happy wifey wrote:
Oohh Jeanie that sounds very promising! Hang in there butterflylove! Allow yourself that sad time, but do make sure you enjoy your day out! Distractions are imperative in my house! I've set up a new rule: each month AF arrives we are going out to dinner (and I'm drinking lots of wine and hubby is driving) OR I'm spending money on me smile

AF is due on fri for me (exactly 2 weeks after iui #2) and I'm not sure what's going on. For the last two days on and off, I've had extreme bloating and lots of pressure on my bladder - like I need to pee all the time. It nearly feels like a uti!!!! (Sounds like and feels like probably means it is!!) but it's not all the time so that throws me. Sorry tmi ladies, but does this sound familiar to anyone?

Oh i like the sounds of the dinner nights with wine, I think I might use that Happy Wifey smile hehe

I know what you mean about the UTI, I had the same feeling last month and felt heavy and a lil tender? It didnt end up to be anything with me tho.

Not long for you to go! FX for a BFP!!!!!!

Oooh fx for you Jeanie, sounds promising!!!!

Happy Wifey I definately have a couple of wines each time af gets me... Going out for a nice dinner and some quality time is also a lovely distraction.
As for the uti feeling, I remember having it early on when starting ttc. Turns out I wasnt pregnant but I remember reading that it can be an early symptom so you never know... Sending lots of good luck your way smile
Happy wifey wrote:
Bfn sad no AF yet. But I'm confident if will show. I had 2 follicles on each side this month and 93 million sperm. If it was gonna happen, this was the month it would have happened. Looks like I'll be up for some surgery ASAP. Endo must be pretty bad, will just have to wait and see.

So sorry to here that Happy Wifey sad no AF yet tho still might give you a chance?

FX if you need surgery that it goes well and recovery is fast and you will get your BFP very soon! xx

Pretty sure I'm out for Jan. I reckon AF will either turn up later today or tomorrow right on time.

On to next month smile
Dom82 wrote:
Pretty sure I'm out for Jan. I reckon AF will either turn up later today or tomorrow right on time.

On to next month smile

FX, youre not out till the witch arrives! When I found out I was pregnant I swore I was getting AF but no!

Have any symptoms at all???

OK just updating my post.........Im 8DPO and I caved in and bought a 3 pack of First Response at lunchtime..........been feeling a few things here and there and just wanted to get it out of my head before the I POAS and it wasn't even 3seconds of pee (just really wanted to know but didnt need to go) and in less than a minute a very faint second line showed!!! Im in shock but will test again on the weekend sometime...OMG!

I have my fx for you Megzie x

MegzieB- I'm defiantly out. AF showed up at morning tea time. lol Wow that's amazing on your second line!! Congrats!
Thankx ladies Im in total shock I have a faint line! just not getting my hopes up too soon.......FX for darker line over the weekend!!!

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