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TTC January 14 - New Beginning and Resolutions Lock Rss

Very happy for you! Congrats. You have to have a sticky bub this time. So what do you think your due date is butterfly love? I will be stalking grin

Woohoo congrats butterflylove grin
Congratulations butterflylove smile

Uuugh, first day of clomid, so yuck sad I am not at work again until Thursday which is awesome, so hopefully I'll be over the worst of it by then. But my DH is home, so we have 3 weeks to get everything sorted around our house. Hopefully it will keep me busy and keep my mind off things.

Fingers crossed beaker that everything works out this month clomid is horrible smile

Hi ladies. Just wanted to pop in and send BFP to everyone.

Not sure what my body is doing atm. I'm currently 4 days late for AF. No signs she is coming either. Took a test this afternoon and it was BFN. Will try again in the morning and if neg again will leave it for a few days.

Not sure what to do about New Years Eve now. I'm not a huge drinker so might just have a few.

Congrats Butterflylove!!!! smile
Hey ladies wishing everyone huge BFP in the new year......

Just a general question, i have been on BC for about 2 years so just wondering if it's normal when TTC to have CM before expected period.... I'm due in the next couple days....

Thankyou smile

Yip sometimes I still get cm before my AF, but apparently increased CM can be an indicator of pregnancy

Okay thankyou smile
I have the same problem on both of my rounds of clomid sad gotta love hormones smile

Yeah I get a bit of acne closer to when AF is due with the clomid, but nothing too much really, so ai guess I'm lucky. I mostly have hot flushes at night, nausea/lack of appetite, flat/grumpy mood and headache for the 5 days, then bad mood and bloating for the remainder.

Beaker have you ever had bad cramping before the af ? Still tests showing negative

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