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Help no idea what's happening Lock Rss

So I found out I was preg my last period was on the 11th of dec and I normally get it every 29 days did a preg test and came back positive was over the moon been trying now for nearly 5 yrs we have a 5.5 yr old so seeing the positive was amazing took another 3 later n then again more positives went to dr his test didn't show a line a soon as my home tests did but there was a faint line I then had a blood test which did confirm it but they said Im only like a week n a bit I dunno how that's possible n then today I woke up with a stitch like pain on my left side went to dr cos I had tiny bit of blood when I went to the toilet she did a test but only one line come up sad I feel like I'm getting my period but I then did another test just before and there were two lines has anyone ever experiences this and had a good pregnancy?? If I'm going by my dates I'd b around 5.5 - 6 weeks.

Please help sad
i havent experienced this but maybe go back to the doc and get them to check you hormone levels? Good luck i hope it all works out for you smile

Different tests have different sensitivities so they are difficult to go by. But your gp should order serial hcgs, blood tests 48 hours apart. The important thing is that the hcg levels should double every 48 hours. A bit of pain and also spotting is normal in pregnancy. You will know if you are having a miscarriage, the cramping will be quite intense and the bleeding heavy. I really hope that your second blood test shows everything is ok. I know how horrible it is seeing a bit of blood and having to wait to know what is happening.
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