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Miscarried at 6 weeks :( Lock Rss

I recently miscarried worst pain went to hospital for pains n heavy bleeding and they did blood tests and my hormone levels were 7 then went for another test today and they are now below 5 so upset we have a 5 yr old n it's taken so long to fall preg then I gets taken away from u sad i was 6 weeks and 3days sad

I just wanna know from woman who have miscarried how long later did they fall preg dr said to wait for 2 normal periods then we can try again I can't help but not feel positive.
im sooo sorry to hear of your loss and i hope you have lots of luck with trying again
so here's my story with my first loss they told me that it was best to wait 8 weeks so two cycles we fell pregnant a bit over a year later and had three more babies then i suffered from a molar pregnancy and was told to wait up to 6 months before trying again after having a d and c done (to remove baby) but i fell pregnant 4 weeks later so im now 18 weeks pregnant with our 5th child
I had a miscarriage in August followed by a D&C. I waited one cycle and fell pregnant in October. I am now 18 weeks.

sorry for your loss, its something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I had a miscarriage in may last year and feel pregnant instantly, sitting here waiting for number 2 to arrive =)

when I had my dating scan for this one, it showed my last LMP was 3 days after my miscarriage no idea how that worked out.

I did plan to wait a cycle like most people say but I didn't and bam!
Sorry for your loss, I understand how extremely difficult it is especially when you want it so much !! I had a MC before DD2, at 6-7 weeks, as I passed it naturally my Ob said we could try straight away which we did and the next month I was again pregnant !! Don't lose hope, and wishing you all the best.

Sorry for your loss.

I fell pregnant shortly after stopping the pill then had a m/c, waited 2 months then took about a year to get pregnant and had DD. Fell pregnant while on the mini pill and had a m/c (needed a d&c for this one). Have just started TTC again.
Sorry for your loss darling, i too miscarried at 6-7 Weeks in August last year. My doctor told me i was able to start trying again after my next period, We are currently 19weeks pregnant with our Rainbow baby. Dont give up hope, theres always light at the end of the tunnel xxx
So sorry for your loss sad

I have not experienced the heartbreak of miscarrying but i just wanted to give you my condolences and best wishes with trying again. my heart aches for any family that has their baby taken from them.

Mum of 3 girls, 1 boy, 1 angel, 1 on the way!

I am so very sorry for your loss hun. It's such a gut-wrenching experience to have a pregnancy that you wanted so much taken away from you. sad

I don't have a story for you as I'm going through it myself at the moment - I had a d&c almost 2 weeks ago at 11 weeks but my pregnancy was a blighted ovum which stopped growing at around the 6-7 week mark. My doctor told me we can try again after I get my next period, about 4-6 weeks after my d&c.

But one of my best friends is currently 32 weeks pregnant. She miscarried in May at 10 weeks, had a d&c and fell pregnant again in her next cycle. There are so many positive stories out there about women who have had healthy pregnancies after a m/c.

Be kind to yourself, and good luck for when you do try again. x

Wow thanks ladies for all the feedback means a lot smile I just need to think it was ment to be maybe the baby had something wrong with it? The hospital said I should bleed for two weeks but it has slowed down heaps hardly any blood now I wanna try straight away but I have a dr appointment tomorrow so ill ask him what he think hopefully he says yeh go ahead smile n I may b lucky n fall preg again. Are u more fertile after a mc?

Another question because I'm bleeding now is that classes as a period or not I have no idea.

Thank u all again this site is so helpful
I had my d and c yesterday should of been 10 weeks but was only 6 weeks. The doc at the hospital and my gp said there is no medical reason to not try again straight away if your ready you wont fall pregnant if you don't ovulate. They like you to wait at least one cycle mainly for easier dating. We are going to try straight away as I always track my ovulation times. I only spotted yesterday and nothing today. As long as your emotionally ready and you feel ready its up to you. Im sorry you have gone through this. This is my second d and c and its never easy xxx
Hi, just wondering if anyone has heard of an increased liklihood of miscarriage immediately after having one? Had a natural mc at 6 weeks then got pregnant again straight away (ovulated 2 weeks after 1st day of mc bleeding) but then had another mc again, at 6 weeks. My doctor has advised me to wait 2 cycles before trying again, as maybe implantation didn't happen properly due to lining not recovering. She seemed to think it can be quite common, but I'm feeling pretty unlucky right now! Has anyone else experienced something similar? I have had 1 successful pregnancy prior to this and my daughter is now 15 months.

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