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My missed miscarriage..... Lock Rss

Hi lovely!!

Oh my gosh congrats a million times over on your new baby boy I love the name he sounds absolutely precious!! That must have been so stressful for you guys early labour and a premmie bubba but so happy your home and he is gaining weight!!

I'm going great I am 26+5 today, growing strong and healthy lots of big kicks it's lovely!! smile


I will definitely keep you posted! Yip there's definitely a baby Sutton, I just hope this one is here to stay!

How exciting!!!! I used one of those "can predict pregnancy up to 6 days before period is due" ones. I tested first thing Sunday morning (they say first pee in the morning is best time to test) so that was exactly 6days before AF was due. It would be an awesome surprise for Jack! I had told myself that I wasn't going to test until after AF was due too but I just couldn't and I was so certain. Last month was so different, I knew I wasn't. Our bodies are so strange aren't they!


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