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My missed miscarriage..... Lock Rss

The anxiety is something that unfortunately does not go away completely. I had really bad separation anxiety at the beginning too. I hated my husband even going to work and would cry when he did.

I assure you it does get easier. Each milestone you cross after your loss makes you that little bit stronger - your due date will no doubt be the hardest. I had to deal with my SIL having a baby (she was due 2 weeks after my angel baby was). Falling pregnant again will also be very difficult. I could not relax until I was about 30 weeks.

Just take comfort in the fact that you are going to be a super mum; you will appreciate your child that much more because you will not take him/her for granted. And remember you are stronger than you think you are. So take this time to focus on yourself and getting yourself happy. The rest will fall into place when its time.

Hope you are feeling better xxx

I'm so very sorry that you're going through this Stina_Cake. A miscarriage is such a sad and gut-wrenching thing to happen in your life. It does sound like you have a wonderful DH and support from work and family. I wish you all the best for a rainbow baby soon.

I'm going through it myself at the moment, had a D&C two weeks ago. I was 11 weeks with a blighted ovum. Still coming to terms with everything, slowly feeling better about things, but still do have bad days.

One thing I have learnt is that you have to be kind to yourself, and do whatever is best for you in your healing.

If that means taking some time off work, or missing out on a social event or occasion when you're not feeling up to facing people, then do it. Put yourself and DH's feelings first. I was feeling guilty about taking a couple of extra days off work after my d&c when I was feeling physically okay but I was an emotional mess and someone pointed out to me that people take more time off work for a cold or gastro. That put things in to perspective for me, and taking a couple of extra days made me feel so much more balanced when I did go back.

And allow yourself to grieve, it's such an upsetting time, and no one can tell you how long you should or shouldn't be sad for, it's so personal.

Oh SuttonToBe, I remember you from the August thread, we were due around the same time. I am so so sorry to hear about your loss. I had the same feeling the other day, I would have had my NT scan and could have announced my pregnancy by now. I have a family member who is due a week after I would have been, and has just announced her pregnancy. I think I'm going to find all her milestones really hard reminding me of what we have lost.

Good luck for your wedding! Crossing my fingers for a sticky honeymoon baby for you.


Thank you for your support Chops30 and yes my husband is amazing could not do it without him!!

So on Friday I entered what I am naming the RAGE CYCLE!! OMG soooo angry, angry at lossing baby, angry at not being pregnant, just anger, angry for people talking to me about it, not talking to me about it just flipping angry!! But was back to normal Saturday after a swim and big chats with hubby!!

As we all keep saying just one day at a time and allow ourselves to feel everything we are feeling!!

Love to you all ladies!

Hi ladies just wondering how you are all doing!?!?!?

I've a question for anyone that might be able to answer....

Ok so 8 days after my d&c I had a "normal" period so my next period should be due this Friday but the last coupe of days I've had spotting and cramping and really tender boobs which I normally don't get before a period! Has anyone else had this and is it normal??

Thanks ladies lots of love and hope you are all well!!
xxxxx wub

Thanks for the posts re my anxiety guys, haven't been on a while but I really appreciate all of your advise and thoughts. It's such a hard road and it really helps having people that have been through it to chat with, especially when we're at such similar stages.

Stina_Cake - I don't know from experience about this as I haven't yet had a period since my D & C. I did read somewhere today that unless you have stopped bleeding for 20 consecutive days then any new bleeding can't be considered a period. Now I have no idea whether this is right but interesting to consider maybe?

I know that I really want AF to come. I'm really concerned about it showing its face for my wedding on the 21st, I've heard that the first one can be really heavy and I don't want to have that to deal with on the day, let alone for my honeymoon! It's been 3 weeks since my D&C and most things I read say that first AF is normally 4-6 weeks after. We are TTC again so maybe I won't get one at all smile

Wow SuttonToBe only 10 days till you get married ek that's so exciting!! I hope you have the most wonderful day and stop every 10mins or so and just take everything in because it really happens so quickly!!!

I told my doctor about my "period" 8 days after and she seems happy with that but not sure i guess it really all does come back to every woman is different! We to are trying to conceive again so like you i'm kinda hoping I just get pregnant instead of AF but only time shall tell! That's so great you anxiety is better!


Well finally A has arrived! I was a bit down about it because I'm not pregnant but it also feels good to feel like everything is back to normal. Also great that I can start taking my fertile period and feel like I'm at least a little bit in control. Now I'm just going that is fine by Friday haha. The great news is that if my cycle good back to how it was I should be fertile for my whole honeymoon!!! How are you Stina?

I was exactly the same I was gutted that I got it because it meant I was pregnant but soooo releaved that my body is back to normal which is lovely and like you said now it's fertile time again!! Ahhhh crossing my fingers for you, you get your sticky honeymoon baby!!! How has AF been for you mine was brutal the worst one I've ever had I got it the day after my last post when for the normal length of time but much heavier then ever before but now looking forward to getting that egg fertilized haha! xxx

It's a crazy feeling isn't it! The build up to a coming was worse than ever, normal symptoms I would normally get a couple days before but 10 times as bad and for at least a week before instead of a couple of days! It had been miserable sad Bleeding has been pretty normal so far, I normally only bleed for 2 or 3 days so fingers crossed! Are you in your 2ww now?

Very very crazy!!! I normally have a pretty subtle AF not to much crampy and very light flow but this time OMG I literally thought i was going to die at one point lol not to be too dramatic! Ahhh not sure my last day of AF was this Saturday....?? Are you excited for the wedding everything organised now?? xxx

SuttonToBe - all the best for your final preparations for the big day! Hope it's all going well. How exciting smile

Thinking of you and Stina_Cake.

Today is exactly a month since my d&c, and I appear to be having a very light AF which started yesterday. I'm not sure if it will get heavier, or if this is it, what you ladies are describing sounds really full on - feel for you!

I was expecting a heavy AF after d&c, so I am surprised. I do have some cramps, bloating, craving salt and in the last week my skin has really broken out. Hormones hey.

We haven't been TTC over the last couple of weeks since my doctor told us to wait till after my first AF, so I was actually relieved to see AF because I figure it means my body is going back to normal and we can focus on trying again. First time in almost 18 months that I've been happy to see AF! It's a strange feeling.

Hope you're all doing okay. x

Getting very excited but also didn't seem real yet haha.

Chops is exactly 4 weeks today since my D & C so and first day of af was yesterday too. My Dr was saying that bleeds are often lighter after d&c because of the clean out during the procedure, I was really pleased to hear that as was expecting the worst.

Here's to sticky babies for all of us xx

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