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My missed miscarriage..... Lock Rss

Haha maybe I will make an appointment then smile I have everything crossed that you get that BFP too, when is AF due?

Yay awesome let me know how you go!!!!

Honestly I have no idea i normally have a 27 day cycle but last month it was 34 days stupid body after D&C but we had lots of sex so I should have had it covered haha!!

Haha good work! Let me know how you go xx

Ok trying desperately hard NOT to get excited!!! BUT up sick ALL last night and funny metalic taste in my mouth just like last time but i didn't even think to test this morning just thought dinner didn't sit right!! But I am NOT getting excited cause that might still be the case!! But what if EK!!!

Have you been to the docs yet??


Oooooooh exciting! The metallic thing is weird aye! That was one of my "must be" signs last week on Thursday, I even txt my husband saying "I taste metal....." haha. Fingers crossed for you Stina!!!! When do you think you'll take a test?
I have an appointment at the Dr tomorrow at 4.30pm. Did another HPT on Wednesday and line was much darker and came up faster than on Sunday smile


Oh my gosh yay strong dark lines and docs tomorrow you must be exploding!!! Please let me know how you go hehe pretty much certain there's a baby Sutton though!!! grin

Well if my cycle has sorted itself out AF is due next Tuesday so I could take a test and it would let me know or I could wait till Tuesday but I'm sure you already know I'm not gonna wait haha might take one tonight when I get home! Jack is on his way home from a week at Tafe wouldn't that just be the best welcome home pressie!!

I will keep you posted!!

I will definitely keep you posted! Yip there's definitely a baby Sutton, I just hope this one is here to stay!

How exciting!!!! I used one of those "can predict pregnancy up to 6 days before period is due" ones. I tested first thing Sunday morning (they say first pee in the morning is best time to test) so that was exactly 6days before AF was due. It would be an awesome surprise for Jack! I had told myself that I wasn't going to test until after AF was due too but I just couldn't and I was so certain. Last month was so different, I knew I wasn't. Our bodies are so strange aren't they!

Let me know when you've done the test, and remember if it's negative it might just be too soon to test. That happened with me last time, tested on the Wednesday and was negative, tested again Saturday and was positive!


I am sending you the strongest baby dust because this is your sticky baby!!

Yep I have one of those 6 day before ones as well so technically I should be 5 days before AF ah I should wait till the morning buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I think i'll do one anyway hehe!

Ah trying so hard not to get excited I really am but wouldn't it be so lovely if we both were, it's so nice having another woman going through what I am at the same time!!

Doing massive baby dust dances for both of us!!


Thank you so much Stina and in s ending the same to you, and dancing up a storm! We would be fantastic if we both were, in sure we will both go through the sane anxieties etc so would be great to keep in touch.

Let me know how you go, baby dust is coming your way!


I haven't been on the forum much lately so catching up on this news a bit late (sorry!)

Congratulations Sutton to Be, WOOHOO that's fantastic! So happy for you. smile Hope you are feeling well and fingers crossed for a sticky bub. How exciting. x

Stina - fingers crossed for you too! How lovely would it be to have a little bub conceived on a fabulous relaxing holiday. Hope you had an amazing time. When are you testing? This time I tested two days before AF was due with a First Response Early Result and got a positive. GOOD LUCK! x

I'm doing well - almost eight weeks. Had a scan at 6 weeks and saw a little flickering heartbeat and all looked good. Now just hanging out for my next scan which is at 9.5 weeks. Still early days, but I am feeling a lot more 'pregnant' than I did last time around - bloated, tired, moody, a bit of nausea, sore and swollen boobs, I've broken out with pimples on my face (yay, so attractive) and I've already gained a bit of weight and clothes are feeling tight, so I am taking all of this as a good sign that, fingers crossed, things are progressing okay. I'm a bit anxious of course given my history, but not as bad as I thought I'd be.

Thinking of you both! x

Thanks Chops, I'm glad everything is going well for you. Time certainly goes a lot more slowly 2nd time round! I've been to the Dr for blood tests and everything looking good. HCG was 330 on day my period was due where as last time it was only 80 on the day my period was due so I'm taking that as a good sign. I've been in touch with my midwife again and have booked in to see her on the 14th May. My Dr was organizing a scan for around 6 weeks so hopefully the appointment card will arrive in the post soon.

Stina - How are you getting on? Would love to hear from you.


Hi SuttonToBe how are you going when is your scan??

Soooooooooooooo I tested and it was a negative but there is a chance it was to soon as it is now 38 days since my last period there might be something going on am going to test again on Friday morning so we have 3 days of either excitment or confusion as to where my cycle is! Trying not to be excited but it does play on the nerves but we shall see! What is your due date? How far along are you now?

Hopefully I will message with good news over the weekend!!


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