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My missed miscarriage..... Lock Rss

Hi Stina! Good to hear from you smile

Ooooh that is a long time since your last period baby dust baby dust baby dust!!!!!!! Really hoping for a positive test for you hun.

I'm 5+4 now and due 19 December (according to my calcs). They had trouble getting me in for a scan due to the short couple of weeks with Easter and Anzac day so I'm not booked in until 7.5 weeks. Although they are going to try and get me in closer to 6 weeks if they can. I'm not too bothered but I'm hoping to have another one at 9 weeks, just because it was between 8-9 weeks last time that bubs passed away (although missed until 11 weeks) so I was hoping to put my mind at ease a little again at that stage rather than have that long wait till 13.

This pregnancy definitely feels different and I'm feeling really positive about it all smile

Sending baby dust your way for your next test!!!


Thanks hun!!!

It would put me I think 2 days behind you which would be so much fun, but we shall see being a lot more casual about it this time round trying to not over obsess and be a bit more casual for my own sanity!

Oh I hope you get your scan at 6 weeks but it's around 7 you hear a heart beat so either would be good, my secondary doctor has an ultrasound machine in his office so i think when we are pregnant I will pop in once a fortnight just to check for heart beat until I am at that safe point, I was the same lost at 9 weeks didn't know until 12!

Thank you for all your baby dust lets hope it has worked I will let you know!

Stina xxx

Sad news from my end unfortunately. I've had another missed miscarriage. We went along to our 10 week scan excitedly looking forward to seeing our baby, after a scan at 6 weeks showed a little one with a good heartbeat, only to find our baby had died only a few days after that scan. I had a d&c the following day.

I can't believe we are here again for the second time in two months. The whole process of the d&c and the recovery I'm going through now feels like a very bad case of dejavu, only this time I am even more anxious about trying again. We had felt quite positive about this pregnancy after seeing a heartbeat, but it wasn't to be. sad

Hope things are all going well on your end SuttonToBe, hope your bub is a sticky one. When is your first scan? Stina, any updates? Sending you baby dust for a BFP very soon, I'm sure it's just around the corner. Thinking of you both. x

Oh Chops30 I'm sending you all my love and the biggest of hugs I am so sorry you are having to go through this again!!! I can't believe you had to hear the heart beat then find out you had, had a missed miscarriage again I think they are worse then a normal one your body tricking you into thinking everything is fine! Please know I'm here if you need for a chat I am feeling your pain...

Unfortunately bad news on my side as well AF came on the weekend so my cycle is getting further and further apart blah after my d&c had a "normal" period 8 days later, then again after my normal 27 day cycle, then the next month was 31 days and now this cycle 42 days so I think my body hates me! I am sad and confused!

Lots of love!

Chops I am so sorry to hear your news, it is so cruel! I had the same experience with my first mc, had a good scan at 6 weeks with a good strong heartbeat which lead me to believe everything would be fine. I can't imagine what it is like to have to go through it all again and I really feel for you. The whole experience is so nerve wracking. I have my first scan a week on Tuesday (6th May), I should be around 7.5 weeks at that stage but I have asked to try and have a scan around 10 weeks, apparently the chances are slim as I would have just had one. That's why I opted to wait a little longer before having the first scan.

Stina I'm really sorry to hear your news too, I really thought that this might be the month for you. Is it worth talking to your Dr about what's going on with your cycle?

I really don't know what else to say, if only things like this didn't happen, I used to think that having a baby was as easy as deciding to go for it. If only that were true.

Big hugs to you both and please stay in touch. I'm always here if you need someone to listen.


Sorry to hear your news Chops, we had our mc about the same time so I was happy to see you were pregnant again. My last mc I had a good scan at 7 weeks but at 9.5 weeks I found bubs had died a few days before. Make sure you take some time and let yourself grieve. xxxx
So sorry to hear, ours was a similar story - perfectly happy and healthy, pregnant really quickly, all the way to 12 week scan on valentines day just to see a big black empty sac and then be misdiagnosed, then sent to hospital to confirm but they couldnt' confrim failed preg as the size of the sac wasn't right so more scans and bloods, bloods showed it was a failed pregnancy (missed miscarriage, blighted ovum), went to have a d&c, waited entire day at hospo but they ran out of time and sent me home, went home and began to miscarry naturally which then happened that evening and the following evening (happy that this was the case in the end though). Then back to hospo they can't confirm it's a complete miscarriage, more bloods and scans, an internal examination where they pull out a giant clot, what a saga! ....sent home again with some pills and all seemed to go okay post that. now pregnant again and shitting myself.
So sorry for my absence been super busy but yesterday..............POSITIVE test so so so very happy!! Going to the doctors tomorrow for a check up and an extra pee on the stick (can't pee on the stick enough really) cross all your fingers and toes for me!!

Love to you all!
Stina smile xxxx

That's great news Stina! I'm so happy for you, this is your rainbow for sure xxx

Thanks honey I'm feeling really positive!! How are you going, how far along are you now??


I'm 16 weeks today. It's been a roller coaster that's for sure! Had a big bleed at 12 weeks, completely out of the blue. All good with bubs though. Then got sick with this nasty cough / infection and spent 3 nights in hospital last week, had another small bleed while in there but again all good with baby thank goodness. Had a small amount of blood stained discharge on Monday so another scan and they found a small bleed beside the placenta this time, baby not bothered and growing perfectly to dates. Have been referred to neonatal but midwife isn't concerned. Will just be monitored closely to see that it resolves itself. Roll on December! When do you think you'll be due?

Oh my gosh hun that is a roller coaster but thank goodness baby is ok an growing every day!! I'm so excited for you and crossing my fingers that December comes quickly and uneventful for you!! I am due around 7th March going of my calculations but shall tomorrow when i meet with the doctor!

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