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My missed miscarriage..... Lock Rss

Today I am 8 weeks and 4 days which is exciting it was so nice to have a happy scan as we never got one last time and the first thing my doctor said after my scan was that's a good looking sac lol so that was good!

Oooooh that would have been so hard not to just get a sneaky peak at boy or girl, I think I'm having a girl too I don't know why just a feeling and Jack agrees! We especially think so because name wise we are prepared for a boy but girl wise I have absolutely no idea there are names we like but none we LOVE how are you guys going with names?


Wow not long and you'll be in the double digits!! When is your next scan?

We've actually picked a boys and a girls name now. Whether they stay the same till birth will remain to be seen but we're happy with them at this stage.

We have Lachie Malachi for a boy and Heidi Isla for a girl smile


I know it's so good well I got to my 2nd doctor (who will deliver me, we have share care where I am because it's remote) next Thursday so I'll be almost 10 weeks and he has a machine in his office so will take the opportunity to having another mini scan and then going for the 12 week one!

Aww I think Heidi is such a sweet name one of my girlfriends is a Heidi and my cousins daughter is Isla both gorgeous names!!


Awesome. I had one at 10 weeks as well, just reassurance really so that I knew I had mad it past the stage that I lost our last one. It was bloody nerve wracking though, I actually started crying as she squirted the gel on my tummy! Whoever said this pregnancy thing was easy aye!

We're really happy with our names, can't see them changing but you never know if something else might pop up smile


Yes that's why I want one next week as well I lost at 9 weeks last time and just NEED to know I've made it through! Pregnancy is hard as making life is not easy!!

I think they are great names! We shall continue the search for a girl name I really like Huxley but not sure if I love it!


Hi there

Did you get your scan this week?

Huxley's a great name, nice and original smile It's a bit scary to think you are responsible for giving your baby the name they will have for the rest of their lives!

Have I asked you if you're going to find out what you're having?


Hi Sutton how are you??? How far are you now hehe not long now!!

I am 15 weeks today which is so exciting saw bubba again on Thursday very wriggling and just dancing in my tummy which was just beautiful! I've booked my 18-20 week scan and hopefully we can find out the sex ek I can't wait!!

Hope your well!

xxxx wub

Hi Stina!!!

So good to hear from you. I must admit after I didn't hear back after your scan I was worried things hadn't gone well, I was so stoked to hear you are now 15 weeks!!!!!! Yay!!!!! How have you been feeling?

I'm almost 27 weeks now, time really does speed up after you hit that 12 week mark. I love feeling bubs move around inside me, it's the most amazing feeling and I keep having to pinch myself that there is actually a fully formed baby inside me!!! Still very surreal.

Can't remember if I told you I'd been sick with a terrible cough and in hospital for 3 nights when I was around the 15 week mark? Anyway, I still have the cough and they have confirmed with positive blood test that I have whooping cough. Apparently it is really common to have a false negative which is what must have happened as I was tested when I first got sick ant that was a good 13 weeks ago now. The coughing drives me mad and is very tiring but bubs doesn't seem to be bothered by it thankfully, very uncomfortable with the growing belly though. I have my next scan in the 25 Sept, I'll be 28 weeks. They picked up that I have a low lying placenta at my 19 week scan so hoping to see that that has shifted at my next scan.

So pleased for you Stina! Great that everything is going well smile


Hello again!!

Sorry It took so long to get back to you we were right in the middle of a busy winter season and I just kept forgetting lol baby brain doesn't help either hehe!

OMG 27 weeks that's so exciting and yay to feeling bubbs I'm still had the is baby moving or is it just gas stage hehe but on my scan last week baby was moving around like crazy so wont be long until I'm feeling it properly and I can't wait also can't wait to find out what we are having hehe!!

I can't believe you have whooping cough how annoying, our immune systems are pretty poopy at the moment though but that's good it's just driving you insane and baby is ok!

Keep me posted so happy we are both cruising along well this time!!


Hi there

How's that movement coming along? 17 weeks now, that's so cool!!!
I had a scan last week at 28 weeks and all looking good, growth is good and placenta has started moving up with is great news!!! 29 weeks now and counting down the last days at work, only 31 working days left!!!!

Hope all is well with you smile


Hi lovely how are you?!?!??!?!?!?!

Wow I can't believe your like 30 weeks now that's so exciting how much longer at work do you have???

We have our morphology scan on Tuesday and found out we're having a baby BOY we are over the moon excited, he is beautiful and healthy and everything is doing what it should!

Hope your feeling good!

xxx smile

Hi there!
Well.......... A lot had happened since our last messages! To cut a long story short I went into pre term labour and had an emergency c section at 34 weeks, I'm now the proud mum of a beautiful baby boy! Luke Malakai Sutton! He's 4 weeks old today. Spent about 2 weeks in neonatal ward and will have been home for 2 weeks on Sunday. He was 4lb14oz at birth so pretty little but good size for gestation. He's now weighing in at 6lb4oz. Still ask feels very surreal and certainly is hard work, especially adjusting to the lack of sleep but so worth it, I am totally in love.
How are you getting on? You must be 20 odd weeks now?


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