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Another early miscarriage Lock Rss

Hi ladies. I have two lovely children, a 6 yo ds and 2 yo dd. over the last year and a half I have had one nine week miscarriage and 2-3 very early pregnancy losses (I test pos then bleeding starts). I am 36. Is my body telling me that's it's done? No more kids? I desperately want one more sad we have no issues conceiving, it just doesn't stick. Time to see a dr?

38 weeks and 2 days

Yes see a doctor or possibly a Naturopath. I had 10 miscarriages and went to see a naturopath iridologist. I was prescribed a few minerals etc that I seemed to be lacking and was pregnant within a few weeks and successfully had a healthy baby boy. I was 37yrs old so I had also thought my time was up but now am the proudest mummy. And thinking of trying again smile
Good luck, don't give up just yet xx
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