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I am so depressed. I haven't felt this way since my husband died 8.5 years ago.
My baby girl was Still born 3 weeks ago, she was 22weeks and 3 days. I'd been in Hospital for over a month my cervix had started to dilate and I had a stitch put in. I layed flat on my back for 4 weeks! I was only allowed out to go for a shower or to move my bowels and I had a catheter in the whole time. But it was a waste of time. My body still gave up on her and delivered her. I hate my body for giving up on her and killing her.
Now to rub salt in the wound I have found out my husband has been cheating. I have suspected it for 7 months when I found out he had been texting 2 women up to 90 times a day anywhere from 5am to midnight. He denied it over and over. I asked him for 7 months over and over and he still denied it. I ended up texting the girls last Thursday and they confirmed it. He still denied it for a few hours of fighting then finally admitted it.
He swore it was only dirty texts and photos until Saturday when one of the girls told me she last slept with him a year after we were together. So I confronted him again and he denied again! A few hours of arguing though and he finally admits yes he did, but it was only once!! Like that makes it ok. He had kept this lie for 6 years!!
So then today I lied to him saying that this girl had some text messages she was sending through to prove they had slept together more than that and now he has come out and said it was twice 6 years ago.
I feel so hurt, I'm trying to grieve for my baby girl and now all this has happened too. I am so hurt and angry. I really would just like to die.
I'm so sorry for your loss. I have no idea how that feels. But I got rid of my cheating ex 3 years ago. I finally got concrete proof, 2 months after giving birth to my 3rd. He's been awful, I almost felt like giving up myself there, had a huge anxiety attack & got put on a mental health care plan. It was so helpful. Back to normal now, and he is out of our lives. Was totally crazy. I just wanted to let you know there can be light again! He sounds horrible! Take care of yourself, or surround yourself with people who will while your grieving. I'm so sorry this happened to you. GL in the future.
I am so sorry for the loss of your darling baby girl. No one should experience that heart break sad

A lady who used to come on this forum lost a baby and she said that was a huge help. It's a community for parents who have lost babies.

I'll keep you in my prayers xxx

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

That's a massive loss after a really hard stay in hospital and would depress each and every one of us. Focus on getting your mental health back on track, leave him to it, you dont need him. Make him the last priority on your list. Do you have family and friends you can see on a daily basis? I hope the hopeless feeling passes soon, his bullshit is not worth your life.
I just wanted to pop in and let you know that you aren't alone.

Our son was stillborn at 22+3w also, we got through his 2nd angelversary in October. Although the reasons for his stillbirth is a little different, the heartbreak is the same and I just want to send all my love and thoughts your way. It is an extremely hard time to get through, but know that you aren't alone. I found Bears of Hope a great source of support. They have a website and have private support groups on Facebook. Please seek support, you may think you will get through it on your own, but the comfort of another parent that knows the pain you are going through is priceless. Take each day, one step at a time.

I can't advise on the cheating husband,. Although in your present state of mind, I would say that it is something you shouldn't have to be dealing with right now and it's not fair at all! I hope you can find the strength to do what you need to do so that you can focus on yourself.
Hi there,

Loosing a baby is horrible then to find out about your cheating husband is just a nightmare.

Personally I would look into finding a support network, your GP can advise, Google etc. I'm not implying you should ignore what your husband did but I think you need to focus on managing the grieving process before the anger of your husbands behaviour.

You will really need to get stronger and don't blame yourself for what happened to bub. Babes are still born not due to their mother's womb. Please focus on grieving and deal with your husband when you are mentally and physically stronger to make decisions on what to do with your relationship.
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