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Hi All
Today I went for my first ultrasound with my second pregnancy. I should have been 12 weeks pregnant however the pregnancy sac was empty. A blighted ovum so I was informed. This shocked me & I was lost for words & felt it was something I had done wrong. Then I was sent back to my gp then off to a gyno clinic where they decided it's best to wait and see if my body expels the sac naturally without having a D&C.
Just curious from other people's experiences how long did it take for your body to miscarry the blighted ovum? I understand everyone is different.
My first pregnancy was smooth sailing so I guess I took this pregnancy for granted. Maybe I should have had a dating ultrasound sooner. I felt pregnant at the very beginning before a hpt even picked up a positive reading but over the last couple of weeks I kind of felt something wasn't right & I was no longer pregnant.
I hope someone can answer your question but I'm really sorry to hear your news.
I miscarried only last week at 6 weeks. I'd been having my HCG levels monitored because they were at the low end but seemed to be multiplying ok. Although my DR was suss so kept sending me for tests. On Wednesday I started bleeding out of the blue. That mornings test came back with a decreased HCG. Its now been 5 days and I'm still bleeding but light.

Have you had any bleeding yet? I would get them to give you a time limit. You don't want to wait around too long. For me it is just something I now want to be over, so being in limbo like that would be difficult. There are also some risks in waiting too long.

Good luck x

I have experienced this with my 2nd pregnancy.They told me the same at the first scan results.I was in shock the whole time.I had to wait it out and everything happened naturally one night at home.You will be fine..This happened in 2013 and I had no problems with conceiving after that.Last year I had my 2nd baby boy who is now 6months old.
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