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miscarriage but possibly still pregnant?? Lock Rss

had just found out I was pregnant, roughly 6 weeks. One week later in excruciating pain i miscarried(have been through it before). 2 weeks on and I'm feeling sick so I do a pregnancy test and it's coming up positive. is it possible to get a false positive after a miscarriage, i would have thought not. or have I possibly been carrying twins and lost one? thoughts? (no i haven't been to a doctor yet..)


I had a miscarraige (confirmed by blood test) and 3 weeks later had a positive pregnancy test. I now have a happy healthy 10mth old! So you could be pregnant again just really early! I would go to the doc and get bloods/ultrasound! Good luck smile
It took 2 weeks for my hcg levels to go back to zero, it's 5wks since I had my mc and got a pos test on Tuesday. You are probably best to visted your doctor because at 2wks the could be still going down or it could be a new pregnancy

I has a mc at 6 weeks and took almost 2 weeks for hcg to get back to 0 so it might just be that hcg was still dropping. Has your Dr been monitoring your hcg from the mc? I had a blood test every two days just to make sure it went back to 0 (ie. Nothing remaining).

Sorry to hear of your loss. I had a MC at 6 weeks then fell pregnant the next month......Apparently very easy straight after MC.
One of my friends had a MC then found she was still carrying the other twin.
After 2 weeks i would have thought your Hcg should be back to normal.....unless not everything came out with the mc. I would suggest getting a blood test & ultrasound done.
Good luck.
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