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All you can do is try to stay positive. It's likely that it won't happen again. You will probably have a healthy baby and pregnancy so try not to stress too much. They say 12 weeks is the "safe" mark, so your half way there! Hang in there and try to think positive, you'll have a brand new baby before you know it smile

My sister in law also had a miscarriage first time round but now has a beautiful sixth month old boy, and it was only about 3 months after the miscarriage she fell pregnant again and no problems. Just because u have had one doesnt mean you'll have another. Let us all know how you are after the 12 week mark. Good luck smile

It is indeed very important to stay positive. Life can be very hard! There is this constant fear of MC again. However, it is due to this reason that I decided to visit a clinic who was professional. It is very important to ensure that the clinic you visit is operating at a high success rate. Also, it is important to ensure that the clinic is professional in this field. When these things were confirmed in my case it is after this that I started to search further. I read through the clinic's blog as well. It had all the updates about the clinic and the life within it. I started to enjoy the blogs a lot.I then got in touch with the clinic. The communication services were amazing as well. Therefore, don't lose hope! It is very important to keep trying. Sending baby dust.
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