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I lost my first baby Lock Rss

OHH! I can totally understand how much devasting situation it would be for you. Every woman wishes to have her own babies but sometimes luck does not work. Infertility is a cruel journey, but nowadays many solutions are availaible. Surrogacy and IVF are the processes which are gaining popularity and also have a high success rate. I think you should go for surrogacy, it doesn't take much time. It is a safe and secure technique and helps you in fulfilling your dream. The baby would be genetically connected with you and also legally yours a surrogate mother is just a source. Best wishes!
It is very sad reading about the miscarriages and infertility. Having a baby is a blessing undoubtedly. I wish everyone could get this blessing. Ironically, we have societies on the earth, where people throw their newborn babies in the garbage. In return, they gave justification for being poor and otherwise. It is the natural system, some people are dying to have a baby and some are denying this blessing. I wish the babies could have responsible parents.
Hey, I am so sorry to hear this. How did this happen? I know you are in so much pain. Well, I think you should go for treatment and checkup. It will help you to know the matter. Losing a baby is never easy. Infertility is harder than that. I hope it will help you out. My best wishes are with you.
Hey, I am so sorry. I know it is so hard for you to face all this. I know it is not easy for a woman to face this. Well, losing a baby is never easy for a woman. So I think that you should now go for a treatment. I know you are going through a lot. I know it is hard for you but you should now choose the best for your self. I pray that you will be a mother soon.
Hi, I hope that you are doing fine. I know how you feel about infertility. It is the worst thing. Well, in your 30's it is a bit difficult. I know you must be worried. At this age, a woman may sometimes face infertility. It is hard for some woman to conceive at this age. But that does not mean that you should not try. Go for it, you have all the rights to be a mother. I have seen many females who conceived at this age. I am happy that they think about having a family. A woman always takes a step to have a beautiful family. there are many treatments now. I have been through this infertility and chose what was right for me. You don't have to be worried. I hope the best for you. I believe you will be a mother soon. Ask your doctor for the best suggestions. They know the best for you. Have a good day, I will pray for you.
Hey! I am happy for you! Nowadays many people are facing infertility. I know it is hard to face infertility. You are a strong lady that you chose an alternative. I think IVF is a good process. I never tried it, but I have heard about it. I am happy that people share such experiences so it helps the people a lot. Good clinics play important role in the success of the process. I hope you will be a mother soon. Best of luck! keep updating!
I am really sorry for you. I am speechless. I have no words to express my sadness. Losing an unborn baby is the worst thing. I would recommend you to go for alternatives. This will really help you. Hope you get everything you wish for.
This is a really difficult situation for her. No one deserves this but this all is part of life. I think so you should prepare her mentally to visit a psychologist. Psychologist therapy would definitely provide her with peace of mind. You might understand that through how much pain she is going through but a psychologist can treat that pain. This is a really big tragedy of her life it would take time to heal from it. Try to spread happiness around her in this way it might be easy to heal for her.
I am really sorry to know about this. Don't be upset. All will be fine. I really understand your situation. I also had gone through an accident. I had a miscarriage and doctors told me that I cannot concieve again. Nowadays infertility is not a big problem. With the advancement of science. Many solutions are available. The method of surrogacy guarantees success. This is the reason she chose it. And now blessed with a baby girl. I hope you will be pregnant soon don't lose hope.
Hey, I'm so sorry to hear that. How did this happen? I know you're in so much pain. Well, I think you should go for the treatment. It will work the best. This will help you to find out. Losing a baby is not easy. infertility is much more difficult. Hopefully, it will help you. My best wishes are with you.
So sorry for what you 're going through. I know you're in great pain. I know that it will not be easy to forget this loss. It is never easy to lose a baby. But it is not the end of life. You have a life ahead. you can go for the right treatment if you want to. My best wishes are with you.
I feel so bad for you hon! Miscarriage is such a hard thing to deal with. There are many good treatments out there to conceive with infertility. Like IVF, IUI, and Surrogacy, in these three IVF and surrogacy both have a high success rate. But it really depends on your condition. Just make sure the clinic you are opting for has a high success rate. It's important that the doctors are experienced, these treatments are very complicated and risky. Stay blessed!
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